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Breast milk can help you move up the social ladder

Breast milk can help you move up the social ladder

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Those whose breast milk was the main source of nutrition in their childhood could be higher on social rankings, a study found.

A total of 34,000 British citizens born in 1958 and 1970, respectively, were targeted for analysis. The researchers asked the affected mothers whether they were breastfeeding, and if so, for how long, and then compared the "social rank" of the surveyed patients with the status they had at the age of 33-34. study in the LiveScience cnmы science journal.
The results suggested that those who were breastfeeded in their infancy grew up with a higher degree of currency. social hierarchylike those whose milk was not their primary diet. Researchers identified social uplifting - the desired class situation - as a job or workplace that afforded individuals a higher social status to their father. (The occupational categories indicated ranged from unskilled or manual jobs to intellectual and managerial positions.)
The Archives of Disease in Childhood cнmы according to a survey in their childhood they were breastfed They were 24 percent more likely to progress socially, and 20 percent less likely to move lower in the rankings.
Researchers believe that breastfeeding significantly promotes improved cognitive abilities in children - cognitive functions - that can help them to get better. What's more, they are fed on breast milk less emotional stress show what can also contribute to the success of adulthood.
Previous studies have already proven that Breast milk It contains nutrients, such as long chain, highly unsaturated fatty acids, that greatly improve cognitive development in the brain and provide immediate relief for the mother and the child.
The combined effect of the two processes may be manifested in the adult social position - the researchers noted in the current study. During the examination, a few annual reports were made to the data subjects. cognitive powerand nervous system function. According to the study, breast milk is something childhood nutrition its ex post syndrome manifests itself in at least one third of the level of cognitive functions and stress management efficiency.