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5 urban legends that, according to medicine, are stupid

5 urban legends that, according to medicine, are stupid

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There are a number of city legends and superstitions that have been part of our weekday life that we often do not believe you are from medical facts. Among these, we are now introducing some.

5 urban legends that, according to medicine, are stupid

1. It is dangerous to wake the sleeper

Many people believe that if you wake your sleepwalker, you may fall asleep, but heart attack is also a common symptom. This is an absolute blunder: just it is dangerous not to wake up to the patient, as the night pass can be dangerous.

2. Don't eat before waking up

People in the myth say that it can cause digestive problems and stomachs that go up from one moment to the next and can even cause suffocation. This is a total apology, it is energiapуtlбsra then you need it.

3. Blue blood is present

Old city legend says blood is not in contact with oxygen, just like our blood vessels are on our wrists. As soon as the blood comes in contact with the air - e.g. we cut ourselves - the blood is red. This is, of course, stupid: Blood looks just blue, but It's not.

4. Sugar causes hyperactivity in children

Many parents do not give their child some refreshment because they fear that it will "sparkle". This is, of course, a misconception: sugar is actually not healthy, but by no means cause self-inflicted hyperactivity.

5. Are we able to detect how much taste we have?

Opinions are divided, usually sweet, sour, bitter, and juicy appear in the linguistic section of the font. The currency is more complex: not certain areas, but the whole surface of the language is responsible for sensing them.
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