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6 simple tips on how to take care of your busy mother

6 simple tips on how to take care of your busy mother

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You can be healthy, handsome and happy while juggling family and career. What's the secret? Conscious planning.

6 simple tips on how to take care of your busy mother

Simply, you are purposefully trying to strike a balance in your daily choices that feed your body, mind and soul at the same time. Yes, we know, it's easier said than done.Julie Burton Care: The Obligatory Handbook of Modern Mothers The author of the well-known and well-known book knows the problem very well. "Most moms meet" whether she stays with her child or goes back to work. Likewise, all mothers are well aware of their sense of guilt, no matter what job position they are in, "says Burton, who is a pregnant woman with her own. "Mothers should try to keep themselves on the to-do list every day, which they all find themselves at the very end of, if at all," they were wondering how they find time for themselves as they raise a child and straighten out their careers. Do you know what the answer to being more was? That we should not put ourselves at the end of the list"At the moment you become a mother, decide to appreciate and respect yourself so much so that always you take the time and to meet your own needs. By making you happier and more balanced, you will be able to do your work around the family much more efficiently and better, "Burton says." It is true, but it is not possible to fill it with empty glasses, that is to say, those who are fought and weak cannot give to others. . Be as patient and loving with yourself as you are with others, "Burton advises. As you get involved, follow these 6 tips!

1. Move yourself!

The essence of the rendszeressйgen so try to find some form of movement that you enjoy. Go jogging, sign up for a Tai Chi course, hire a personal trainer or simply buy a Pilates DVD and exercise at home. The point is, you get a taste of what you choose. If you don't have time for either, have a dance party in the living room with the kids, or go out and play bowling.

2. Add your body!

What you put in your mouth is all about fueling your body, so always try to healthy and quality food, drink drinks. We often tend to focus on the needs of the child, even though we have a very good example of eating well. How do you approach it? For example, have a vegetarian day every week. Buy in the producer market. Drink water instead of water. Cook more often and try to plan what meals you will prepare each week so you will be more conscious when making your checkout.

3. Adults also important!

Do not let the work of the family and go to the buddy of friends. If you are unable to set up date evenings with your couple on a weekly basis, mark the first Friday of each month for this purpose. Call your friends for dinner at least once a month - order pizza and watch a movie with the kids. It is not a matter of hobbling around the house all night, but of enjoying one another's company.

4. Do not neglect screening tests!

You wouldn't let your child miss a medical examination, would you? THE your own health should be just as important! Who will take care of the little ones if you run down? Go for a regular mammography exam, have a cancer scan, sign up for a melanoma exam, and get your dental calculus. Don't delay!

5. Sleep has priority

Many mothers, on the principle that they can do something only when their children are asleep, get up at dawn and dusk. Dr. Alon Y. Avidan however, the head of the UCLA Center for Sleep Disorders, ow, warns him. "Clinical research has confirmed that chronic sleep deprivation can be a major cause of disease. people who sleep less than 6 ounces consistently increase their passes, which can lead to weight gain, depression, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes"Avoids just a few things before going to bed. Avidan says these include eating, drinking, emotionally stressful conversations / discussions, and stimulants like nicotine or kits. and don't forget that this is all about three things: sleeping, having sex and getting sick during illness.

6. Stay in touch with yourself!

Washing, cooking, billing, cleaning - easy to lose in a lot of daily tasks. However, with a robot that does not kill the end, you will find yourself once gone for 10 years and you do not know who you are. Take time for your hobbies! Or create new ones. Keep a diary, meditate. Try to stay up to date with trends even when you are not working. "In my book, I ask many times to ask what makes you happy? This can change over time, "says Burton." We change all our lives, but if we stay connected to our innermost genius where our passion is rooted, we can remain radiant and happy. "