Sweet PuddingHealthy, festive dessert

Sweet PuddingHealthy, festive dessert

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You can make it sugar-free, milk-free and throw it away with countless tricks to make the interaction even more festive. With little changes, you can create new and newer dessert ideas.

I added four servings
15 deca done
5 deca raisins
a deci of orange
a sachet of vanilla custard powder or two and a half tablespoons of wholemeal dough flour
a tablespoon of oat bran
a cinnamon spoon mixer
6 deci milk or oat milk
Dried fruits for decoration, natural (sugar-free) apricot jam
It takes up to twenty minutes for an inexperienced cook to complete. Sprinkle the raisins at least for an hour in the orange juice, then whisk with a bot blender. Combine oat bran, spices, pudding powder or whole wheat flour with cold milk (in case of allergy milk) one part (whole mashed decis) to make it perfectly lumpy. Begin to boil the remaining milk, then drizzle with the custard / flour mixers. In a continuous mixing process cook all the juices, and in the middle, pour the raisin juice and the mince. Add the mass to a pudding mold or dessert bowl flushed with cold water. Allow to freeze and drizzle with dehydrated fruit, or a little peach jam in the middle.
Variant: If you whip the same cream with a whisk and whisk together with deca room temperature butter, the result will be a delicious cake cream that you can put into a saucepan. Of course, this also throws a lot of energy into it.