Father and father

Father and father

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Be in the moment of the draw or be more excited about the corridor? Today, this question is becoming less common, as the father is present at the birth of most children. We wondered just how different these important eagles are!

Mutual happiness

The home is warm

Kata йs Tamбs They decided to give birth at home. Egyьtt. Tell me anything, too. Of course, if they need to, they go to the hospital, this is not a question. Бbel is long, but as they put it, Awesome birth after seeing the light of day.
Tamás went far beyond the average to prepare for childbirth. And with Kat, they took part in a course organized by the Sunny Birthplace.- I quickly realized that the more prepared I am, the less surprise I can get. Knowledge is power. Soothes and gives patience to you know what's gonna happen. There are few more important events in life than the birth of your child.I believe that things will not be good on their own, so you have to work. I was sure everything would be fine and we made a good decision. Positive base tone, deep optimism, made the whole child come to life. The twelve voices, voices, and the appearance and fulfillment of the woman's strength - all of which I counted on. Just like going to the church and getting an opportunity I was prepared.However, the consonance was complete, I helped as I knew, massaged his waist, or hugged him when he needed to. Well, I could say I was a happy daddy working. When Gabriel came out, I first saw him. It was a euphoric moment. When I realized that someone was born, and this one was a little boy, it just came out to me, "Little boy, little boy!" At that moment, only three of us were there. Of course, pain is, but so is my joy. It was good to see Kat. Our relationship is much more deeper, stronger shoulder. These were the happiest moments we had in the past, says Bishk Tamn.
Marutti Tambs (forty-one year old psychologist, Szentendre)

Hыha, we should do a photo shoot!

- Absolutely I wanted to be inside, fortunately Ester he thought so too. It would have been hard to wait in the river for someone to come and say she was born, as if to say she had cooked her lunch at the table, says Gbor, who will be twice as dad by September. - We both read a lot before we were born. The friends also told me a lot, especially when it comes to how much women change. The rusters are raging, I think this is the best expression for that. I didn't know we would have a son or a girl, so when I saw it, it was a real capital letter surprise. First I just checked to see if we had everything. Afterwards, it occurred to me that we would call it Dom. I was very mad. So simply. You put it in my hand, I don't even know how long it was then. Even though my profession was filmmaking, I didn't want to take a camera in principle. But a few minutes passed, and suddenly the thought came to me: heh, we should do a photo!
Marosi Gbbor (33 years old, cameraman, Saint Stephen's Church)

I didn't want to see how much he was suffering

- We haven't designed a fatherly parent since we started disliked tхle. I just didn't want to see how much Nura was suffering. I was told that I would be with him during the Butter, but the exit was not a must, says Csaba. - Mg Nуra did not get oxytocin, so everything went well, I massaged the back, waist. However, after the infusion was fixed, he could not move freely, and had to lie down like this, extending. He was so well served! At this point, I was better off waiting for the stream. ”He also told me to go out. He wanted to preserve the woman's mortality and the birth mystery. We've talked a lot about birth, and I've read several books. I knew I was in pain, even though I was counting on something entirely euphoric. Unfortunately, this resulted in a long run of butter. Then just tI felt an inedible anger as to why my wife had to endure the boredom stage, if that's the end. As I highlighted Vinci, her birth brought her out of the box. I didn't dare to grab it, but when I saw it, my heart was flushed: Hey, this is my FIAM!
Csaba K. (40 year old mathematician, Saint Stephen's Church)

I didn't want you to come in

In the case of Catholics, she did not even think of being a father. Her husband, Zoltan, didn't want to be in the nursing home either, because the hospital had a cold runner in his back. He is the type of man who, for me, is a person who is very much in love.
"By no means did I want Zoltán to look affectionate. It was better for him outside Sitting down the river. If he wanted to, I would have tried to dissuade him. I would have liked to have remained in my imagination as it has been known to be under normal circumstances - he says emphatically Kati.- Whoever says anything, I think birth is not a male thing, especially if the blood, the church, and the sufferer are not. In my opinion, being a man is not necessarily a lift, even if your baby's world record is really the BEST thing in the world. Even if one is just above the woman's head, you will still see and hear sentences, moments and images that may not benefit from the later ones they had a couple together My mother was with me in my bedroom. Even after giving birth, I am of the opinion that it was a good decision for you, I did not regret it, I would like to do it
Somlyai Katalin Victoria (30-year-old economist, Kúvvllgyi Kurzhaz)


- First of all the nà ц denturesto see if your couple is in the baby or not. There, the man is only an aide - says Csaba, whose second baby girl, Margaret, was born in June. - Good to be inside, to help, and to live this conceptfor the second time. At the same time, I felt like a big farm. Even though pros are nurses, doctors, everything else is congenital. Come on, let's go, because the following is coming! I was also very curious about how it was going on in birth. I read a lot about roul, I also saw movies. Yes, the man's child is born, but a great deal of science interest has taken hold of me, so I have not only seen the whole event through the eyes of my "poor lover". By everything I meant that a person could adapt to the most extreme situations at the moment, not under the feet, hinder the occurrence, be it for a cut, a cut, or a life. I've always focused on the next step, and I had a lot of crackingWhen my midwife pressed the scissors to cut off the cord, I didn't quite smile. Why is it such a big deal? For me, this is not a hack. But if you want it so much, I'll do it for you, I thought in a dash. I'm a newly born rarely beautiful, and I'm a star-studded person. Even when Kamilla slipped out and the couple's belly, I found that she was not a member of the "Yoda nation," but a beautiful, healthy baby, our baby!
Csaba Bogáti (Basketball employee, 38 years old, St. Stephen's Church)

Women will be weird

In the case of the robes, everything started fine, the amniotic fluid flowed, but the ferns did not strengthen. What came soon after was not prepared.
- We did not know anything about the birth, although we went to a wake-up lecture series organized by the hospital. I was clear that Judit it will hurt, but to what extent it is not revealed either in the courses or in the books. And the pain will make women weird, almost distorted, into an ecstatic state that they can't, and I think shouldn't, be excluded.I've never seen my wife before. It shocked me and all I could think was, God, what was going on? What should I do then? Then, because of the poor CTG results, the doctor decided on an instant cup. When I removed Lily, she did not whine and began to shrug. I could not continue to camera, shaking the machine trembling. My baby's breaths had to be secured, but suddenly no small tube was found. As they searched, my water kept flowing. The seconds seemed crazy, and in the mean time, the nipple that was my baby was not breathing. It was Worst situation in my life - boom Robby. - Kйsхbb all rendbejцtt. It only took me a couple of minutes. His eyes were angelic. I think if I knew in advance what I was going to do, I still wanted to be inside.Birth is a miracle for which feldolgozбsбhoz maybe a little closer to getting around. Lili is a year old tonight, a little witch, my son, Marcell is two and a half years, and yes, the third will be fatherless, "Robi smiles.
Baranyi Rуbert (37 yrs print production manager, then MБV Kуrhбz) Related articles:
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