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Why do I need to brush my teeth?

Why do I need to brush my teeth?

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Our immediate goal is the elimination of dental caries and dental inflammation bacteria and germs, and the indirect goal is the preservation of shiny, white teeth.

Of course, this is still a game!
Up to five years old, you better help her!

What do we need for proper oral care?

Your toothbrush, toothbrush, floss.
For your first day of birth, surprise your baby with a soft, small head and exciting color shaped toothbrush. The small head has the advantage of being able to clean the tooth surface easily and thoroughly, even with difficult to access back teeth. Flat or medium-grade fiberglass edges should be made of plastic and the edges should be rounded. The toothbrush is replaced twice a month, but immediately after an infectious disease. Used toothbrushes do not clean evenly and efficiently, leaving room for the bacteria causing the infection. You can also get a toothbrush that proportionally indicates the utilization rate. Use a fluoride children's toothpaste with a lower fluoride content than an adult toothpaste. Excessive fluoride ingestion in the body may cause whiteness of the remaining teeth, which may cause a yellowing-brown stain! The kid has enough pepper toothpaste. Do not give toothpaste until you are taught to spit it out and rinse it. Initially, rinse-off is practiced with water and air. Use toothpaste only when the child is not swallowing (two, two and a half years old).

When to brush our teeth?

Ideally, after every meal, but at least after breakfast and dinner. Extremely careful daily brushing - more evening - is more useful than multiple brushing "toothbrushes". Daily cleansing is at least replaced by a powerful thorough rinsing. Sugar-free canes can also be a bridge solution in preventing caries.

How long should I brush my teeth?

Until the plaques on the teeth were removed. It takes at least two to three minutes. (Unfortunately, the average tooth brushing time is not even a minute in our country !!!) Feeling clean with our tongue makes it feel smoother. If you want to see the plaques very accurately, use a plaque tablet.

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Should we use an electric or manual toothbrush?

Using a traditional hand toothbrush is time-consuming, requires good manners, and you need to be familiar with the correct brushing rules. With the powerful horizontal "screeching", many people almost polished the enamel and shifted the teeth from the tooth. The result is a painful toothache. An electric toothbrush can help you avoid this, and can be delivered on plaque-free toothpaste in a significantly shorter time. Some appliances also have a timer to indicate when to brush your teeth as soon as possible. For the electric toothbrush, we buy a smaller, thinner head for children and use it at lower speeds.


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