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Only bunnies and chicks!

Only bunnies and chicks!

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Happy Easter, children and an exciting holiday! But chickens, ducklings, and little rabbits are generally not. For many, it is the beginning of suffering and misery.

Many eager farmers changing their saliva, chicks or ducklings will bring the death of these few days. We know from statistical data: half of the Easter rabbits, more than three-quarters of the chicks, won't even survive the cash! This is terrifying for any sensible, pet-loving person, not unintentionally raising my voice responsible animal husbandry Lost Ones Animal Fund.
One can safely think that Easter gifts for pets are really just some of the "food for pets" in their puppies, and even in their pots when they are grown up. This is true, but if we keep them "before going into the pot," they are not suffering in their lives, and they are slaughtered as humane as possible.
But this is not the fate of Easter pets! Rabbits and little chicks do Sensitive to Household, Nutrition and Stress too. If someone is not properly prepared for the pet, he / she will not be able to provide the proper housing conditions.
Animals are, in the strict sense, overwhelmed by small children. Little chicks are fed with food, and little rabbits are given food as in fairy tales. However, unfortunate small animals suffer long-term mortality between such conditions. They will end up completely exhausted, collapsed, starved, or ill-nourished.

What can, what should be done?

- Anyone who does not want to keep a pet for their Easter child should either buy a chick or arrange for a pet to be taken to a farmer with a decent living every two days. For example, farmers who are "sold into the house" for a day or two are "willingly" taken back by farmers.
If you want to keep your pet, there are a couple of the most important maintenance rules:
  • Do not buy the chicks, as they often die in the short term due to the stress of relocation.
  • Let's choose the little rabbit, but no matter what! Spit in a dwelling, especially if the host doesn't have much space, be sure to be a spit!
  • If a large body comes home from a pittance, it may not be too big (in case of an early choice), but in a couple of months it will grow as large as a smaller breed of dog. Let's not forget, of course, that rabbits have such a characteristic head-butt, the often kind but often pregnant aggression. A nearly ten kilo salmon, when it starts, quickly removes a patched flat.
  • The fact that the animals do not feed at all seems to be good for the animals, does not mean that they do not develop health in the body. Rabbits are a type of dragonfly animal, so the symptoms of the disease often only appear when irreversible changes in metabolism have occurred. Therefore, if you want a bunny for Easter, we should carefully inform you about the correct feeding, storage, and make the right storage space, and buy it just now. So offering a surprise is not a good solution!
  • If we lose a bunny, take care!

    Correct resting: the animal should always have lots of colors and its water filled with fresh water. If these conditions are given, you will not die of starvation. In summer, the color can be changed to fresh grass, but do so gradually, approx. in two weeks. Rabbits are sensitive to sudden changes. In the morning you can get the little bunny green, eat fruit, but the remainder must be removed from the terrarium.
    You can add seed mixes once a day, but not more than one teaspoonful (wheat, corn, barley, oats). The processed form of the kernel is dry bread, which makes it more easily indigestion, so do not get it on the saliva at all! Tooth abrasion is provided by the diatomaceous earth in the mouth.
    Granular soup can also be given if it is of good quality, but it is often necessary to have a home for the "stomach", so don't buy food that we don't know.
    We wish all our owners a Happy Halloween!
    dr. Varga József, medical doctor
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