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There was a sense of humor

There was a sense of humor

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During the bonding process, we express a close emotional relationship with the baby. At that time, we feel that we want to accumulate our little ones with love, so we also have to live our lives for it. This sensation occurs in the first minutes, and only occurs later.

There was a sense of humor

According to our researchers, this important affinity relationship has been established I need time. We now know that mothers who are weaned from their newborns for medical reasons or their parents develop this sensation more slowly.

What if I don't feel it?

Don't be scared! The parent-child relationship is a complex, complex and often time-consuming process. As long as we meet the basic needs of our baby and baby and talk to him, he won't suffer even if we don't feel close at first sight. The baby may be nice, cute, but for a whole new person in the family life, get used to the presence, have to know. The formation of a bond cannot be forced or urged, the true mother-child relationship is the result of everyday unity and breaking. As we become more aware of the baby's personality, learn how to soothe, and enjoy our presence, our senses will also become thoughtful.

When to worry?

If, a few weeks after your birth, you still do not feel more love than you did on the first day. Seek medical attention as this may also be a symptom of postpartum depression which requires urgent treatment. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to regain the trust and love of our child.Sylvia: I didn't feel any hesitation after giving birth. It wasn't difficult for me to have a baby because of his small tail. We also offered breastfeeding. It took me weeks to love it, but I felt as though it had always been a part of my life.Adrienn: After cesarean delivery, I received my newborn son with an urn. I realized I knew mine, but it was my sensation: who this little man isthey gave me? Is it really my son? I had a remorse for my feelings because I thought I should have felt the power and the love automatically and that the baby boy was mine. Nбlam it took a few days, until the sensation of formation has developed. I'm expecting my second child right now, but now I know, even if the sensation of concussion does not come right after birth, then it develops in a couple of days.Melinda: I didn't hook up with my little boy after he was born. When I was born, I was laying on my chest and my first thought was how big a nose… and his ears were wearing! Poor kid! Then he slept with me all night and in the morning, when I woke up, I didn't want to believe it because I looked at it and immediately loved it. The fact that I could be in the room with me permanently, be able to look at it, make me feel beautiful, helped me create a touch sensation that was deeper than I ever knew.

Yeah, if you know ...

  • Of course, the cute little boy after birth is still there, but it seems that this little curious person looks different than he imagined. Smaller, thinner, wrinkled, tightly folded eyelids and nipples. And his head! One quarter of body length. Its strange tip shape, the flattening of the nasal cavity, which occurred during passage through the birth canal, fortunately, any subcutaneous bleeding disappears within days, weeks.
  • There are two areas of the newborn's skull, called a well. These allow the bones to maneuver during the passage of the birth canal. Thick skin covers them, the puppy on the back is 3 months old, the head puppy is approx. It closes at 18 months.
  • Some babies are born with great hair, others are bald, but those who are born with great-born newborns will lose their hair and a new woman in weeks. It will not necessarily be the color you were born with.
  • Don't be scared if your newborn's face, neck, back is covered with fine hair, because it will soon disappear. This so-called lanugo protected fetal skin in the womb. Particularly characteristic of premature babies.
  • Newborns often seem to squirm. This is why two factors are responsible: the outer skin folds in the corners of the eye that recede as it grows, the other cause is the underdevelopment of the eye muscles, which disappears by the 3rd month.
  • The baby will scrub without light during the first month, but will show up sooner when the big tear drops are flushed, which is useful because it prevents the eyeball from drying out and removes dirt.
  • At first, the feet may be slightly ou-shaped until the child is up (between 8 and 12 months). The doctor will also check this and check the condition of the stings, because it is important to detect any stings as early as possible.
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