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Make a bottle of fruit from a PET bottle!

Make a bottle of fruit from a PET bottle!

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Offer baby grapes, smiling apples from recycled boxes. It's also for kids' jeans! We'll show you how to get it done.

PET Bottle Fruit Start

Fortunately, my kids love fruits, although they most directly love the color of the bush, bushy color, there is nothing better than taking the baby out of the tree, but dip into the green, fruit: it's worth trying a good meal, as the resistance will be less, but with this jovial idea we can throw up the kid's bull. In addition, we have recycled it, the raw material can be found in many households, up to a full fleet. Different types of plastic bottles are very good raw materials, we can make any kind of bags.First, remove the label, and then round the bottle with a sharp cut, and you can adjust it a bit.The edges of our small bowl are still sharp at this point, which can be helped by melting the rim gently on a warm iron or gluing it with a decorative patch. I chose this solution.We cut a small hole in the bottom of the board with a small hand saw, and this is the loop box to which I applied a décor patch.And you have your PET hair bag ready.For grapes, blackberries, apple slices, diya, hazelnuts. Let's cut an apple, look at a grape, then go in your hair, and the kids will eat it nicely, even when playing games, by accident.Eat lots and lots of fruits, happy to go!Anikу Rбcz's blog can be posted HERE.


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