Pregnancy: when the ovary is empty

Pregnancy: when the ovary is empty

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The test shows two chances, luckily you go to the doctor that you are pregnant, but there the doc confronts you with the fact that your ovaries are empty, so you can't see a developing embryo ... But how is that possible?

Pregnancy: when the ovary is empty

Бllнtуlag it occurs on average three times in every woman's lifethat a pregnancy dies. This may be reversed in the aforementioned way, but it may be that only a stronger, slightly delayed menstruation indicates that someone has actually been developing in your tummy for some time. in 50% of cases it is done with a womb that is not taken most of the time. The phenomenon of the empty egg (or blighted ovum) is a very present thing, but unfortunately it is not possible to stop it.

What is this?

Empty egg develops when the fertilized egg adheres to the cavity wall but embryo approx. it does not develop after the sixth week. It is the ovary that surrounds the embryo and the amniotic fluid, and helps the fetus to feed and develop. This is generally visible during the fifth week, and after this, its average growth is about 1 mm per day. This is a good sign, but it is not a guarantee of pregnancy. Eggs may be lumpy or empty even after the scapula should be visible. (The sneeze is the "forerunner" of the placenta, it overwhelms the embryo until its circulatory system is formed - after that, the placenta takes over the job.) you can even have a positive test. It may happen that the level of HCG hormone in your body actually rises, but for some unexplained reason, your pregnancy is interrupted and your baby is unnoticed felszнvуdik. And you just make a big deal out of it, and when you come in, you get a little bit more stingy than usual, or maybe a lot more blood.

What causes it?

About half of all abortions occurring during the first trimester are empty ovaries. According to today's science, it is not possible to know exactly what it is, but they believe that 80-90% some chromosomal disorder She's in the backyard. In this case, your body recognizes that the fetus has abnormal soot, is demented, is not viable, and therefore rejects it because it would not be able to give birth to a healthy baby.
- abnormal cell division
- infections (eg chlamydia, CMV, toxoplasmosis, genital herpes, etc.)
- All right
- low level of progesterone
- untreated thyroid or diabetes
- excessive alcohol or drug consumption

How to prevent it?

There is no "official" prevention method, as with a woman who has a perfectly healthy, life-style lifestyle, it can be reversed in the same way as with any other woman. However, it is believed that in some cases the fetus may change his mind for some reason and not want to give birth. Tehбt with semmikйppen not бrtunk ourselves if in addition to being dissolved block our, szorongбsainkat on terhessйggel, gyerekvбllalбssal the baby project elхtt igyekszьnk kikezeltetni all egйszsйgьgyi problйmбnkat, tesszьk mentally right for йletьnket.Pszicholуgussal (or egyйb alternatнv professionals) segнtsйgйvel, kiprуbбlunk stresszoldу technikбkat, meditбlunk who feels what they feel. It is worth eating the whole thing, but if you really want to baby, it is worth investing in this too.Related articles in this topic:
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