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Don't play the little one, okay?

Don't play the little one, okay?

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Oh, fork: it's not a kid's hand. Is that the old saying? It depends on what these "dangerous" tools are!

The sharp, sharp-edged tools can really cause accidents, especially if the child is running, waging it. The blunt end of his currency is his ideas, but his dead ends are of no use.
With a sharp knife, you can cut the beetroot, boiled potatoes, bananas, without having to injure yourself. Give her a little board if she wants to be with you in the kitchen when she's cooking. First, guide your handto feel the gestures. Two hands do different jobs: one holds the food, the other holds the paper back and forth. This improves focus and craftsmanship. The plastic childrens gear that comes with playing medical bags only causes annoyance; The little ones always want to get the adult stuff done because it is "exciting" and it really works.
It is safe from the second year on, but it really does end you can improve your craftsmanship with the help of a baby. The special, small child-friendly handle adjusts to the natural movement and facilitates easy opening and closing. It does not affect right or left handedness, as the reverse is well placed. It immediately succeeds: it is perfectly perpendicular to the paper, and well cut when the child keeps it still. But no other material, such as textiles or children's hands!

Over the age of two, you can give him a good-looking baby doll

If you are good at cutting straight edges, zigzag, wavy edges can cut a lot of colored rubbish up to the activity brim itself. You can glue light waves, sea, wood, fields out of wavy breeches and even make honey dough on your baby's table - recommends You hunt Viktor, a gaming teacher at the Playground Professional Workshop.
When the little one is done, you can also see how focused he is on his face: he accidentally opens and closes his hand following the movement.
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