So protect your child from bullying

So protect your child from bullying

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Sexual harassment is a easy topic, but as so often, prevention can be the best tactic. We've collected a couple of helpful tips.

In the US, a woman has been raped for some level of sexual harassment by the age of sixteen. However, it is almost impossible to find the exact number of sexual harassment in children in Hungary. In most cases, the victims poйnnak. Prevention cannot be started early, and following a few simple guidelines can help you a lot at home to prevent trouble.

This is your nonsense!

It is important for our children to know their own bodies and their exact expressions, even under the ethical norms of the society. Laura Palumbo, according to the American Sexual Violence Research Center Prevention Team, however strange it may be at first - to name a few things - it should be called by name.


Teach our children that prohibition, stop, or stop expressions are a must in all situations and that they are bound by obedient and determined instructions. Just like in the case of gaming or wrestling, if one of the parties orders you to stop, it must be respected.

Kiss, fuck, or hug?

Lucy Emerson, a co-worker at the American Sex Education Forum thinks I wouldn't be lucky enough to commit children to kissing someone they don't want. The bodies are theirs, and if they have to give back to a relative who does not want to, they decide for themselves.

Don't be a secret!

One of the most important things in a family is not to hide in front of each other. We can surprise our loved ones, but always be honest and be trustworthy with our family members by telling each other everything.Related articles in the topic of child abuse:
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