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So after your baby!

So after your baby!

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A creative refresher course will be launched at Sanoma Media Academy by Virg Vass and Judit Hidasi. You can apply now!

We took a bunch of Viras Vass and Judit Hidasi, guides of our course, for the second time, the benefits of which are worth taking part in…
- secretly, I want you anyway
- I want to know if I'm doing it well
- Everybody needs help
- the course leaders will be my credentialed personalities
- here I can counter the big tricks
- For a good style, life may be needed in every area
- I want to stop my baby from developing
- I'm blogging diligently
- my boyfriends are full of nuns
- I will be online with the trainers
- Feedback from my peers in the course can also help
- help me get to know myself even more with the help of the course!
Vass Virбg нrу, course leader:
"Slowly, having mastered the truths of story telling, more time - a whole lifetime - remains really important to something that needs to be formatted and shaped."
Judit Hidasi нrу, course leader:
"I want the listener to discover the power of talent, because sometimes only the lewdness is lost, and the uncut diamond will become a currency jewel."
If you are interested in the opportunity, click here for all the details!