Wanting strange things during pregnancy - What's normal, what's not?

Wanting strange things during pregnancy - What's normal, what's not?

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Do you want a covic or a dress up? There is an example for both of them in the form of a little baby. Now we shed the cover, what is the cause of this strange curiosity!

Wanting strange things during pregnancy - What's normal, what's not?However, in our previous article, we set that some nutrient deficiency causes severe weight loss after some meals, there are researchers who think this is not entirely true. It's set by one of their groups, it's just curiosity, nothing more. After all, if someone needs protein, for example, why not use lentils and sardines instead of beef and bacon? Here's a dog out there: Pregnant women tend to prey on specific foods, they don't want everything within a food group. dr. Deborah Bowen University Professor.Moreover, it is a good idea that desire has biological, psychological, and other causes of influence. For example, if a pregnant woman is advised to consume more dairy products, she may suddenly feel a strong urge to drink more milk, or to eat more ice cream. my mother wants a cucumber starch, we can unconsciously make us think about it. It is also true that what is forbidden is always better for us - and that may be culturally different. "Even though American women are shrieking after chocolate, Europeans are shorter," says dr. Assistant Professor Daniel Fessler. Of course, if we have any good sense of food, we are looking for it better during pregnancy. We don't have to be distracted if we really want something, we can eat it. The most important things you can do during pregnancy are just the ones you pay attention to!

Echo disgust

If we are disgusted with a glory, why would we be humiliated? Studies have shown that the mother of a baby is such a flesh. "Flesh and other animal whites, such as eggs or seafood, are typically more likely to cause food poisoning, so evolution has made many women disgusted -" Fessler.Gyakran not only eating the food, but the smell of it made me disgust the baby girl. It is proven that hormones during pregnancy make women smell more intense, and this also influences what they want and what they do not.

Weird weights

If we find that we only want weird things that can't be eaten, for example. paint, starch of clothing, charcoal, or earth (called Picбnak), by no means let us not be humiliatedsince they can be toxic to us and to the baby. As well as giving these unusual weights to your doctor, it is possible that there is some nutritional deficiency in the belly. - and can cause stomach problems. "In addition, raw fish and eggs can pose health risks during pregnancy, but without that, we can safely give way to our vessels," says dr. Stone. Little cucumber village baby can spawn a cow (via articles in this topic:
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