Language development begins in the womb

Language development begins in the womb

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Earlier studies have shown that human linguistic development has begun several days, since a newborn can do differently between the rhythms of different languages ​​a few days after he or she is born.

Experts at the Medical Center at the University of Kansas were wondering if it was really possible for us to develop this ability anyway? The journal NeuroReport kцzzйtett cнmы kutatбs sorбn Utako Mina йs munkatбrsai 24 nagyjбbуl vizsgбltak eight hуnapos pregnant nхt at magnetokardiogram (MCG) segнtsйgйvel, which is much ultrahangnбl kйpes йrzйkenyebben bekцvetkezх detected a fetus for fetal szнvverйsйben vбltozбsokat.A English and japбnul beszйltek, йs showed the vizsgбlat that the fetal vowel changed when the Japanese heard the unknown rhythm, and when the familiar English was born, the rhythm remained unchanged. This clearly confirms that the fetus can already make a difference between languages, which is a very important development in the field of language research.


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