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Artificial bee for premature babies

Artificial bee for premature babies

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Studies in premature babies have reproduced the environment in the womb and the functions of the litter, thus allowing for the development of the lung.

They work artificially for premature babies

American doctors are working on developing a full-fledged artificial bee. It is hoped that the tool will help to reform the treatment of severely immature premature babies, significantly improving their chances of survival - reports the MTI. human infants with physical abilities were placed in the latest prototype of the equipment, where the animals were well advanced. "The fetal lung operates in a fluid-filled environment. We we simulate this environment, your possible father development of the lungs and other organs" - He told Marcus Davey, one of the researches. Babies born during the 23rd and 26th weeks of pregnancy give birth to slightly more than 500 grams, their lungs are still underdeveloped and their chances of survival are very low. The fishing mortality rate of very immature babies was close to 70 percent. Newborns who survive can have life-long problems. These babies need to be right out of the womb and into the world, she said. Alan FlakeThe Gyermekkуrhбz sebйsze Philadelphia, the New Account eszkцz kifejlesztйsйn dolgozу team vezetхje.A kutatуk cйlja was so mestersйges mйh kifejlesztйse which the sъlyosan йretlen koraszьlцtt babбk бtvйszelhetik the йletben maradбsuk szempontjбbуl kulcsfontossбgъ weeks, 28 weeks mнgnem бtlйpve jelentхsen improve the tъlйlйsi esйlyeik. The professionals have been working for three years on the artificial bee presented and hoping the device will be deployable in ten years.Flake and his team are currently refining the system, and will also reduce the size of the device, considering that a newborn baby is about one-third the size of a premature baby.
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