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How much should I exercise during pregnancy?

How much should I exercise during pregnancy?

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In the case of uncomplicated pregnancy, she is recommended to spend 30-45 minutes with her at least three times a week, says Dr. Sobel Gabbor. II. Adjunct professor at the Department of Birth and Nursing.

How much should I exercise during pregnancy?The assistant professor emphasizes that sport has a lot of fun effects, among other things it reduces the risk of pregnancy diabetes, high blood pressure, and reduces the risk of early childbirth. However, the current workout plan should always be adapted to the anatomical and physiological changes associated with pregnancy.International studies have shown that - lists the benefits of regular exercise Dr. Sobel Gbor, pointing out that she often has a problem during her pregnancy, that she is not able to press properly. However, sports can learn the right techniques. In addition, there is a lower chance of childhood depression in women who have not stopped exercising. Anatomy and physiological changes during pregnancy should be kept in mind - Dr. Sobel Gabbor. The adjunct professor advises those who have been in the past to regain their performance in the first period to at least 40 percent, but after 12 weeks, it may be gradually increased to a maximum of 60 percent. , because it threatens the circulation of the butterfly; good breathing is also important because of the oxygen supply to the fetus and the fetus, said the university lecturer. Little ones during exercise should also make sure that they do not overturn their household, move too warm, and avoid sweating or exercising in the heat, for example. hot yoga or pilatest.It is advisable to schedule exercise in the morning or evening hours, and to avoid fluid leakage, you should constantly provide flux. To assess the intensity, the so-called speech test is recommended by Dr. Sobel Gbor. This means that a pregnant mother should only exercise when she can talk. For those who want to get started during exercise, Dr. Gabor Sobel recommends visiting the group. Different pregnant yoga / gymnastics groups have chosen this. For those who feel uncertain and have little experience, it is worth asking for a personal trainer. There are certain exercises that should not be performed: during the second trimester it is not possible to squat below 90 degrees, and the upper body should be avoided. If you sell a business, you are at greater risk of injury - warns the specialist. Warming up and exercising at the end of the workout will also reduce the incidence of injuries. blood pressure, extreme depression, or fatigue. It is advisable to avoid exercise in the case of heartburn, fetal haemorrhage, vaginal bleeding, chest or low limb pain.You can exercise again six weeks after birth. Again, Dr. Sobel Gabbor warns of the principle of graduality, which applies not only to the frequency of motion but also to its length and intensity. As you say, regular exercise has no effect on the amount or composition of breast milk.Related articles on pregnancy and sports:
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