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3 + 1 super travel for traveling

By car, bus, train - anyway, but traveling with a small child is definitely a challenge. We've collected some handy or just right items that can make your trip easier.

I suppose everyone has it when Daddy sets his micimacky autistic sunshine with great care and then, after a sharp turn, gets his sun-drenched sunburn full after just about half a minute. This little malar is preceded by the latest sundowner, who doesn't even joke about it. It covers the entire window, eliminating all possible errors. Click on the picture!

I was very surprised to receive the new generation of travel items, and now we are getting a great deal. Your rating is recommended by the age of two, but I'm a bit skeptical from here. What if the child wears it? Is it stable enough? Can you turn it around properly? I think the answer to these requests is definitely yes, but I would very much appreciate it because it is light and space saving. And also nice. Click on the picture!

I can imagine how cold the airport check-in, the bus, can be, with two turbocharged minors. By far the latest, multi-functional "Trunki" skins are capable of remedying the problem. Having the right cat, tiger, honeybee-shaped skins, I can even believe that these are the small motors that children are used to in the difficult moments of bloodletting. Then, once you've been to rodeo, you can open the suitcase and look for some nice little toys. And if your kid is tired, you can still carry yourself while he is on it. Super! Click on the picture!

A good little car systemist has been biting my tooth, but it hasn't been up to date. Unfortunately, the cut piece cannot be accessed at home, although it is stunningly dignified by the right figures, and when folded, it is just a discreet, gray taty. Click on the picture!