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It does not give what the uvé - anabolic fixations are

It does not give what the uvé - anabolic fixations are

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Who are we going to call an angel character? What is the difference between being hungry, stubborn, elusive, and more often for wanting room cleanliness in childhood? Take a look at the disorders of the psycho-sexual developmental stage!

According to the theory of psychoanalytic theory, sexual energy, libido, is associated with excretory organs, endocrine, and bladder. This is the anal sex stage of psychosexual development.
This means that from this time on until the age of three, the child's main source of nutrition - instead of eating - is choosing or withholding. It is surprising that psychoanalysis suggests that at this age stool and urine are released or retained as a source of some "sexual" cavity. Do not forget that this is the stage of life in which the primary task is the purification of the room, that is to say, the most hurt and the sin, the greatest success, and the failure is related to precisely these organs. The anal sex period of psychosexual development (the name comes from the Latin name for anatomy) lasts up to three years.

It is based on an early basis

Freud thought that the forces of personality were active throughout development, from infancy onwards. During each developmental phase, the child is constantly exposed to events and pressures that create demands and endanger his or her normal life.
These combinations require constant alignment between I, Aust-ian and the supervisor, which, if successful, will enhance personal development. The effect of certain pressures is йn, that цsztцn-йn And a superego йn does not move at the right pace or works effectively together - the child is locked in a certain stage of development, ie stuck. In this case, the later stage of development is also disturbed and it is conceivable that the development of the child will show some abnormality in the future.

The anabolic character

In our view, it can result in an excessively strict room cleansing anal fixation, and the child can be "anal character", prone to stubbornness, inconsistent, stingy, shriveled, or over-controlled.
Fetal fixation (stagnation in the early developmental phase of libido) may occur in the anal period, as well as regression of some subsequent mental alertness (recession from a higher level).
This usually leads to the development of a psychopathological pattern (eg, obsessive-compulsive disorder), but we speak of mild "partial" fixations that also have a special character within the healthy environment.
Anabolically fixed people are usually lean, "stomach-like" and many struggle with constipation. They are characterized by precision and an almost exaggerated need and love for order, stubbornness, lacklusterness and stinginess. (Moliy re Fцsvйnyйnek at the same time, because the social sense, the public opinion rejects these features very strongly, even ridiculously, they feel that their stinginess and order are escaping into a kind of bohemian behavior.
It is worth noting the correlation between the angry problems of the anal type and the stingy, shrill character. The analytical school simply formulates this correlation: it does not give what it is…

And what will become of it

There are two types of behavioral disorder. When, against our will, thoughts or images regularly enter our minds that are disturbed but unable to get rid of, we speak of pensive thinking. And when we need to do something again and again - embarrassed, uncomfortable, we don't want to, but we need to do it again - we talk about action. In a significant proportion of cases, coercive thinking and coercive action occur together.
Auspicious thoughts or actions in mild form all occur in our lives, but they disappear quickly and do not interfere with our day-to-day tasks. However, the ludicrous thoughts of perseverance do not cease: they are desperately trying to get rid of them, but they are day in, day out, in space. In terms of their content, they are usually thoughtful, horrifying, or morally degrading - thoughts of contamination, violence, religious liberty - which confuse the person who wants to re-invent them.
Very often, acts of worship are "answers" to worship ideas; one is trying to overcome the danger evoked by the letter thoughts.
There are, for example, "check rites" (a sumptuous person wakes up from bed ten times in the evening to make sure he has closed all doors), contagious thoughts of infection. Runes, however much you want to get rid of them, are very important to the pious person: when his environment is blocked by the execution of a rut, he immediately becomes anxious.

Do you want to start early?

The disorder usually occurs on the lungs of adolescence, but we encounter it many times before, so even in childhood. Analysts should consider that children who exhibit so-called anal traits are predominantly jealous, stiff in their thinking and behaviors, usually quite ordinary, accurate, and wise. They are very conscientious, and as they say, they are lost in the details. Such children (in a childlike way) emphasize cleanliness, order, conventional manner and behavior. According to the tests, their parents have very contradictory - ambivalent - feelings, but according to the family's internal system of rules, parents must not show anger or anger. The parents' background is usually strict and perfectionist, and almost every move of the child is judged in the right or wrong category.
According to psychoanalysis, the consequence of easy fixation during periods of room cleanliness, autonomy, control, and out-of-court conflict is.

There is still little "anabolic consequence"

Excessive maternal exposure to "accidents" during the period of room cleanliness may be due to chronic starvation and / or different "rituals" such as. You're taking a drive to have your morning run, so you can "find out" as soon as possible; can only deliver at home; if for any reason you fail to produce in the morning, you just "let it go" in the morning, you have no days in a foreign environment, etc.
Paradoxically, such a person may respond to diarrhea, to the slightest nervousness; boy-males often have a strong, strict, disabling mother in the background of this disease.
At the analogy level, e.g. a tendency to constipation usually refers to the practice of restraint: such a person has a harder time buying things, for example. as well as from habitual subjects and individuals. There's crappy, crazy clothes, shoes, "You'll be out for the winter!" In the closet. by collecting, collecting new messages, journals (more recently sms and emails) - and there are also those relationships that should have been "scrapped" a while ago, but "because" nйlkьlem? " And similar thoughts.
Conversely, people who react with diarrhea in their nerves scatter things and things, release their partner easily ("I don't hold it! Just go if you want to go!"), And they themselves get hurt again and again. (especially if they are caught catching a "needy" partner who sticks to it)!
One thing is for sure, the importance of a period of cleanliness cannot be emphasized in advance. You should be on your feet who are "doing everything perfectly" so that they don't raise the world with another Harpagon, or even a bohemian, irresponsible and overly generous adult.


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