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Pregnant minimal sleep also causes a rise in blood pressure

Pregnant minimal sleep also causes a rise in blood pressure

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Very small amounts of lead in a small child lead to a significant increase in blood pressure. At 1 microgram / dl and higher, the maternal blood pressure of both mothers increased significantly, with blood pressure increases of 6.9 mmHg and 4.4 mmHg, respectively.

A survey of 285 pregnant mothers revealed that one in four babies had 1 microgram per deciliter higher than the level of lead in the umbilical cord. This is significantly smaller than that American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) It is considered safe limits, but it is suggested that steps should be taken to reduce the weight of the litter, as some infants and their children are also measured at 5 micrograms / dl. Although further examinations are required, pregnant women appear to be as sensitive to weight as children themselves.Pregnancy high blood pressure can be the cause of events such as preeclampsia or eclampsia, which can lead to fatal seizures, but can also increase the risk of heart attacks. "We didn't think such a small amount of lead could have such a significant impact," he said. Dr. Lynn Goldmanhead of the George Washington University Institute of Medicine in a press release.
The study failed to find a causal relationship between weight loss and high blood pressure or preeclampsia caused by pregnancy. However, lowering the workload limit at work can nevertheless be a good starting point for protecting your baby. According to Goldman, "The maximum allowable workload value is 40 micrograms / dl, but we have experienced blood pressure changes at just 2 micrograms / dl."
The Bulletin was published online in the February 3 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

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- from lead-containing water pipes in old houses
- disassembling and grasping lead-acid batteries
- Ceramic vessels decorated with lead-based paints
- Leaded hobby paintings, Lead glassmaking
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