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The Secret to Effective Wound Management (X)

The Secret to Effective Wound Management (X)

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Smaller or larger bruises occur at all ages, but no matter how or how they are treated.

The primary defense line of our skin body. Its most important function is to protect and protect the body from the adverse effects of the world. But this important and indispensable organ often suffers from bruising in our lives. Not only household accidents, surgery, but also birth and breastfeeding can cause unpleasant injuries. In this case, of course, we try to heal quickly and free of tissue. And the Curiosa Wound Gel just does so in a powerful and versatile way.

Women have the health of the family

Mothers' lives are a constant rush, they have to divide their time between their work and their families, and often their attention is lost. This is also the wound treatment that sometimes gets low on energy during the weekday hours, even though we all want to know their relatives safely. Curiosa is an important part of a home pharmacy, and you can call it at any stage of your life. It carries out minor childhood accidents, is trustworthy in treating post-natal surgery scars, cesarean, post-surgical wounds, and is suitable for nipple nursing during breastfeeding.
Curiosa is a great help on busy weekdays, as it can not only treat the wounds of children, but also quickly treat your own injuries (such as small kitchen accidents, mild health injuries). It is effective in solving the deaths of grandchildren in the elderly as well, but older age-related diseases can also be used successfully in the treatment of bedsores with diabetes.

What is the secret of Curiosa?

Curiosa Wound Gel is an effective aid in the regeneration and repair of damaged skin. Providing the proper microenvironment, it prevents the microorganisms that cause the infection from reaching the frayed skin. It forms a thin film on the surface of the wound, and, due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, contributes to faster wound healing and relieves pain. Can be applied directly to the wound, can be applied over a large area, can be applied for a long time, is transparent, leaves no blemishes on the skin and on the garment, is lightly applied for the healing of breaks, lighter cerebral palsy. However, it can be safely used to treat chronic, healing wounds and surgical scars.

Indispensable ingredients for rapid healing

Curiosa gel contains zinc hyaluronate. Hyaluronate is a natural polysaccharide that is found in all tissues and is an important component of the skin. Hyaluronate stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers, ensuring proper elasticity and tension of the tissues. At the same time, zinc is another important ingredient in wound healing, which contributes to the prevention of superinfection. During the period of shoots, the body's zinc requirement is significantly increased, recognizing this in the skin care industry for decades after treating wounds and skin disorders.Curiosa wound gels can be obtained without medical aid.
More information: www.curiosa.huREAD THE USER'S GUIDE FOR RISKS,


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