So help your baby doll!

So help your baby doll!

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We brought nine handkerchiefs to the Pediatric Department of Pediatric Surgery where dr. Attila Vástyán and her team also care for babies, children who are born with lip, foam or archasad.

A family day was organized by the team for affected families to get to know each other and talk to professionals directly. In the midst of it, clowns, puppetry, and miniature church entertained the little ones at the Bubbybn Bazaar, the venue for the event.
What do you need to know about a baby born with a tummy tuck?
Parents need to count about a thousandth of a baby in the newborn, nowadays, due to advanced ultrasound technology, this disorder can be detected as early as 18 weeks. In most cases, good results can be expected from the operation, but as dr. Attila Vбstyбn The pediatric surgeon, who has already been awarded the Doctor of the Year award, says that this is mainly about restoring oral function.
- When a couple visits their pregnant mother's ultrasound results to inquire about their surgical outlook, I first ask what they expect from the procedure. We can't permanently remove the crack, but the chances of functional recovery are very good. And this is the most important, as a child can have a fuller life in terms of speech, hearing, and tooth growth. There are many types of fissures, and in the case of tens of cases, further abnormalities must be accounted for. Also, it is rarely possible to get away with a single operation, as the years require more intervention.

Doctor Vástyán also personally contacts his clients. The baby was carried by her parents from birth, and she was given breast milk almost until the age of half

Breastfeeding Advice?
What can a breastfeeding advisor look for in a tummy tucker group when the tummy tucker seems overwhelmingly difficult to breastfeed, and in the midst of a lot of trouble, does it seem like the slightest problem? W. Ungvбry Renбta Breastfeeding Nurses have been in contact with families where a baby has been born. It is a common experience that fetal newborns rarely go to their mothers' chest after childbirth, and breastfeeding is often overlooked, and even healthy babies often do not require intensive care. It is a fact that feeding them from baby bottles is not easy, but exercise can help a lot. In addition, even though the stomachs themselves are not a serious abnormality, they can cause serious distortions in the baby's face, which can make it difficult for parents to accept the child and to develop concussions. If you leave the hospital permanently, put the baby in an incubator, and emphasize the need for special punishment, this problem may become more acute.
Help Early Begin!
We also need to give our split babies all the closeness, humility, and direct bodily contact that luckily a healthy newborn can enjoy. It is certain that the average patience and motivation of the mother is needed, and most of the time it is not impossible. If the baby has only a cleft lip, the chances of exclusive breastfeeding are very good;
Early breastfeeding and skin contact help regulate the newborn's body temperature, as the mother's body heats up the baby as much as possible. Early intercourse promotes mother-to-childbirth, early conception, and early breastfeeding provides a good chance of successful subsequent nutrition. Another benefit to the development of the immune system is that the baby's newborn flora placed on the body of the mother develops favorably, instead of the bacteria that cause dangerous infections in the hospital, it is infested with those that A large number of studies have shown that neonatal mortality and illnesses are reduced by early placement because the colostrum, or the anterior, provides a protective coating on the colon. It would be good if these benefits were not waived by the newborns!
The national promotional carrying suitcase for babies! We joined the action by bringing maternity handbags to the children's day event of the Pécs Fissile Task Force. We hope that health workers can use parents to draw parents' attention to the fact that portability is a great way to get pregnant, comfort your baby, and assure your baby. The use of cloths can also reduce the number of post-operative babies in the surgical ward. After all, the most relaxed will continue to be the gentle arm of parents!


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