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Enjoy the moment!

Enjoy the moment!

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A little big change. So far, evenings have been born for parties, friends and parties, and at the weekend, movie shows have been coordinated with others. They will continue this life, but you will keep a few months of thought. It's time to think about it!

Enjoy the moment!

  • Don't hurt yourself! It's a fact that you're tired. The days are unanimous. In the sun, you cannot go out with sympathetic acquaintances, and you do not even have adults around you. But try to find the world: you have a super family, a beautiful child, a new meaning to your life.
  • Be proud of your baby! Yes, look at what you create, bring to the world, and eat. Think about how lucky you are to be a mother, how many people are just looking for this miracle.

  • Don't be jealous of us! There's no point in hanging out on Facebook, envious of other vacation photos, enraged at your envy, and lamenting that you'll never get there. Instead, take a sweet photo of your baby and count your feet!

  • Home is good too! What are you nervous about other people just having fun in the evenings, having better places to eat, going to the theater? Instead, sit down with a cup of tea in front of your favorite series and enjoy getting the family idyll now.

  • If you become a friend of a mother
  • Where did the friends go?
  • Now motherhood is my most important role!

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