Don't give her lemon juice if she's hiccups.

Don't give her lemon juice if she's hiccups.

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Who knows why the fetus is hiccups inside. In the first few months, the baby's vegetative nervous system is very sensitive to the stimuli of the world.

Diaphragmatic constriction of the diaphragm can be caused by cold, movement, full tummy, and tightness. The baby hurts several times a day for no serious reason: if you take it out of your baby, changing your diapers, bathing, changing clothes. Observe what causes hiccups and how common. Ideas for controlling hiccups (scare, cold, sour, sweet) are based on stimulation of the vegetative nervous system. However, it is a scientifically proven fact that higher levels of carbon dioxide in the blood inhibit hiccups, but retention control is actually effective, but not applicable to babies.

Don't be scared if you hurt a lot

Do not give a little baby lemon juice in your mouth, although it is a sour acidity - it is a strong stimulus for the baby. Don't want to help her out, she'll go away on her own. As your baby develops, he or she will shrink less and more, and by the age of one year, if you want to give him something in this case, breast milkwith water or tea, a couple of sips can help stop the hinge. But believe me, you are more disturbed than she is, if you don't, you do not need to intervene in this natural process.These will also be useful: