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Learn to brush your teeth!

Learn to brush your teeth!

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The harder, the easier to get on the tooth, but as soon as the first milk teeth are out, you need to think about their care.

Teething (in the strict sense, milking of the teeth) usually lasts from two months and up to three months. Some of the children do not survive this period, and others bear it very much.The pain is that the teeth, as they look for them in the skin, come forward with sharp small edges, press, push the tissues of the skin. The smile, which has been smoked until then, is considered to be light in weight, stubborn, impassible, stomach flowing, slightly swollen, possibly colorless, and more easily catching a variety of infections. He wakes up several times at night, up to eight to ten times. Your stomach may become loose, it may also have a high temperature during the period of toothing, but the fever is a sign of infection.

How can we alleviate pain?

You can get it at the pharmacy Gel pain relief, gently lubricate the little baby. You can also buy homeopathic remedies at the pharmacy or help out at home doctor's prescription books. If the little one is very stingy, you can give him a painkiller or syrup in one case. Dolls in baby shops cool the tooth, but so does the chilled, cleaned apple or carp. Of course, it is always important to be there next to your baby to avoid being overwhelmed.

Baby care in infancy?

If your teeth are out, it's worth it clean it with a small piece of gas or a small toothbrush that you can put on your finger and if the little one has learned to flush the water (that is, he can spit), you can have as many pills of toothpaste as you can.You can buy your first toothbrush at the age of one when you have more teeth. At the time of purchase, pay attention that it is small, soft and soft rounded bristle brush be it, and even though the bar can't use it, give it in your hand to make fun of it, chew it, experience it.

Brushing teeth in high school

By the age of three, every milking tooth gets cold, and from that point on, correct dental care is more important. First step a pйldamutatбs. If the little one thinks that both father and mother brush their teeth on a regular basis, then they don't want to miss this condition either. Show me how you brush your teeth and explain your grooming essence. Let it alone. If you do it well, praise it, but until the age of six you can brush your teeth! This is important because in children, the development of fine motor movement - which is also necessary for waking - only reaches the age required for proper brushing by the age of 6. From the age of six, a child can brush their teeth alone, but it is advisable to check the proper washing technique with one of the parents. figure, toy, boy, girlish toothbrush which, while not only entertaining toothbrushing, also perform well as a standard toothbrush. Using dental floss or mouthwash can be a fun activity, not just a boring routine.

When should we go to the dentist?

For the first time ever, when you're not bored. You may have lost your leg, but it is worth taking it to kiddie. Most baby tricks are good for kids' languages, so you can expect an exam, especially if the little one can pack, play with different tools. Take it to your dentist every year, even if you have no dental complaints. Milk tooth filling is also very important! Although the tooth is lost over time, it is important to keep it in good condition. Milk teeth are more easily pierced, so if you see a dark spot on your child's teeth, consult your dentist right away!Related Articles:
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