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Now, nasal congestion: what's the solution? (X)

Now, nasal congestion: what's the solution? (X)

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Who wouldn't know how much trouble a "simple" woman can cause? You've obviously experienced how you fall ill and how difficult it is to have a sore throat, headache, nasal congestion and cough.

Among the complaints that occur this week, many patients find nasal congestion to be the most common cause. Not surprisingly, nasal congestion can prevent you from breathing, having a good night's sleep, resting, nasal bleeding or speaking with a light-headed nose.

Good to know: as much as nasal congestion can be as easy as it can be!

The solution is a topical application of nasal suppressants, nasal decongestants, e.g. xylometazoline, oxymetazoline, tramazoline. Numerous formulations of the listed active ingredients, nasal drops, and a wide selection of nasal sprays are available in drug stores without any need. The use of medication up to 2-3 times a day can bring about rapid and long-term relief, and may also cause "breathing" in hunger patients. However, it should be noted that nasal spray / nasal sprays which are effective to apply are not recommended to be applied at the same time for five to seven days, as in this case the opposite effect to the purpose of the treatment may occur; the nasal congestion may be impaired.

It is known that the synthetic drug does not contain any active ingredient. physiological saline solutions and seafood supplements that are effective in nasal cleansing and eradicating the superficial mucous membranes of the skin, as well as the blood vessels. However, these naturally occurring derivatives have no astringent component, so in some cases their effects may be poor. Nasal spray, which is unique in the domestic pharmaceutical market and which, in a unique way, conveys a purely effective effect of pure water, is an ideal combination for the treatment of stubborn nasal congestion. The maintenance-free formula quickly and permanently eliminates the good discomfort of nasal congestion; In about 5-10 minutes, you can feel the resolution of your complaints, and 8-10 urine can have an effect on the patient, breathing freely - be it a toddler or an adult.

What should you look for when buying a nasal congestion?

  • It is useful to know that the application of the nasal spray is generally more evenly distributed on the surface of the nasal cavity than that of the nasal drops.
  • It is important that everyone choose the right product for their age. Nasal drops and nasal sprays are found in many brands of adult and pediatric products; Although the active ingredient is the same, it is lower in products made for young children.
  • Clinical studies have shown that the preservative content of nasal sprays and nasal drops can adversely affect the condition of the upper respiratory tract. There is no clever choice of preservative containing products.
  • The packaging of the formulations also protects the drug along with proper dosing. In the case of non-preservative products, the microbiological protection provided by the packaging is paramount. Thanks to the patented innovations made by the manufacturer, the microbiological filter and silver layer incorporated into the nasal spray dispenser can ensure the maintenance of pathogenic microorganisms.
Are you looking for a cure for nasal congestion? Contact your pharmacist who will help you choose the right product for you! If your symptoms do not improve, your doctor should consult a doctor to prevent any disease (eg facial inflammation)!
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