This is the most common food allergy in young children

This is the most common food allergy in young children

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Untreated can lead to severe allergic shock, and many parents are unaware of the most common food allergy symptoms and their actions.

This is the most common food allergy in young childrenMilk allergy is the most common food allergy in young children: in three babies and young children, the symptoms of the disease appear, and fewer can cause untreated and severe allergies. milk protein allergy and lactic acidity are actually two different disorders: even though milk protein allergy is a complex hypersensitivity reaction, lactic acidosis is not a cause of allergy, but rather an allergy. For babies and toddlers, parents need to pay close attention to both, since even a single dairy can cause serious problems.

The lactose-sensitive baby should also be breast-fed

In the background of lactose intolerance, there is partial or total deficiency of lactose, also known as lactose, which breaks down lactose into the digestive tract. , however, in infancy, it is often the cause of intolerance that is caused by a underlying disease or medication - we talk about lactose intolerance. In Hungary, around one third of the adult population 2 has a history of lactic acid intolerance. Symptoms are common in infants, but occur exclusively in the digestive system; contains lactose, this is the most complete diet for lactose-sensitive babies in the first half year, which by itself covers all the necessary nutrients, "he emphasized. Kubбnyi Jolбn, chairman of the Hungarian Dietetic Association, a specialist in the First 1000 Days program. Since lactic acid can cause fatal discharge in infancy, it is important to treat your baby in time. Although congenital lactose intolerance typically lasts a lifetime, diet and possible elevation of the lactase enzyme can lead to a patient's full life.

Proper Nutrition to Avoid Milk White Allergy

In babies and young children, milk whites cause the most cases of food allergy: milk whites allergy is an extremely complex, multiple system organ that can lead to severe allergies when left untreated. If the mother consumes large quantities of dairy products, the first symptoms may occur during breastfeeding, but the disease typically occurs during the introduction of dairy products. hasonlуan the tцbbi йtelallergiбhoz the allergйn elfogyasztбsa utбn bхrtьnetek (csalбnkiьtйs, ekcйma) may occur, which puffadбs, abdominal fбjdalmak would elkerьlhetх йs nehйzlйgzйs kнsйrhet.Mindez conscious tбplбlбssal According kutatбsok the suckling babбknбl be less akбr six times the tejfehйrje allergy kialakulбsбnak esйlye the tehйntej tъl and its early introduction is related to the onset of the disease. Although the most professional recommendation for breastfeeding is exclusively breast milk, up to half of Hungarian mothers regularly give dairy products to babies less than six months old, according to a recent study.

Parental awareness can save a life

Whether you are lactose intolerant or have a milky white allergy, a baby may suffer from mild symptoms: abdominal pain can lead to sleep deprivation and diarrhea can lead to dehydration. It is a common mistake for a baby to introduce cow's milk into the baby's diet as soon as possible: the baby's nutritional requirements are quite different from those of an adult, with more iron, vitamin D, and essential fatty acids. it is important that for a baby-whites allergy baby, a market dessert or a cinnamon pudding can be dangerous, so always follow the dietary guidelines of your specialist and dietitian! it may be worthwhile, "emphasized Kubányi Jolбn. "Grandparents and relatives often give sweets or milk-based desserts to their toddlers, so are we always alert to the fact that certain ingredients can lead to a severe allergic reaction?"
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