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Poor bathing

Poor bathing

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Light water, a little cream and a lot of weakness - that's what the baby is looking for.

Poor bathing

The baby is not dirty, but much care was taken about bathing, nursing. Fine his skin is very sensitive, drips diaper content, sweat, but also clothes rub. Not only does day-to-day babysitting provide physical exhilaration, but it also provides emotional recharging. The skin is the largest area of ​​the sensory tract, much thinner than the adult, and absorbs a great deal of stimulus from the surrounding environment. Rejoice with our faint gestures, caress, warm touch.At the same time a pleasant bath ceremony, a sure part of the agenda, after which the baby is waiting for a while. But you don't have to dive into the water for that. The skin's protective acid mantle is still unfinished, and we must guard against it, the fungal and bacterial infections. If your baby's skin is dry, it is enough to wipe it off with a damp washcloth or oily cotton pad. Good quality olive oil or sunflower oil is best suited for this.
The pleasant, warm (37 ° C) bath water relaxes, soothes the baby, relieves the stomach, but there is one who just lives. Put it on the agenda accordingly: you don't have to stick to the evening in the first year. In the first few months, we should not put any foam bath in the water. You can get baby baths, and if your skin is sensitive to it, use a pharmacy bath ointment, but in the first few months in plain water currency bathing is also quite appropriate.
Scrub your scalp daily with a soft baby brush to help prevent the formation of space. If the lint-free coating has appeared on the top of the head with nothing more than dirt, lubricate it with a baby cotton cloth before bathing and rinse thoroughly with water before bathing. One time it will not work, it may take several daysby the time we get rid of space. There is no need for shampoo, daily washing, and a perfect ointment for the head.
Wrap the baby's head from the head of the doll to the sole, the water body cools lightly, because the adjustment at six months is still not perfect. Instead of vigorous rubbing, soak up the moisture with a dry, soft cloth diaper. Special care should be taken to carefully cleanse the area between the curves, leaving the wet skin patched, and the skin becomes mild.
After Fürdés, here's a chance babamasszбzsra! Warm the baby's body thoroughly with warm, oily hands.
The diaper covered area, if necessary lightly lubricate it with a commercially available popcorn (uentum infantum). Note that too thick aftershock prevents skin irritation, most of them reduce diarrhea and therefore dampen the moisture. Fewer and fewer more! You do not have to automatically apply your baby's buttocks with some cream after each diaper unless you really need to. It is worth considering in the supply what kind of reliable, controlled farming herbal substances can be found in the cream.
If tiny red dots or areas of skin appear on the surface, try to provide the skin with more ventilation. The lesion can be treated with pharmacy ointment or acne cream or balm. Here, too, we should strive for a credible source. A medicated ointment is prescribed by the physician for the release of the fungus.
Let's cut the toe briefly on the toes, because sharp, long nails can get stuck in the socks, rugi's mouths, cut off or tear. At the level of your hands, keep checking the carpets lengthbecause the baby can scratch himself unintentionally. It is best to wait while you dare, so that you do not have to fight with calfskin shoes, warlike hands.
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