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The Fisher Fisher Price game - I have the highscoreThis is the most popular Fisher Price game

The Fisher Fisher Price game - I have the highscoreThis is the most popular Fisher Price game

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There are few baby-child families that don't have at least one Fisher-Price toy on the shelf. We were curious about the many games that are the real favorite of the games. Here's the to-do list.

In the voting games between November 28 and December 6, a total of 30 games could be voted on, and several games could be selected at the same time. Fun and usefulness were the two main aspects. Let's see the list of popular favorites:

1. Smart desk (bilingual)

Smart TableThe doll is waiting for you to discover at every corner of the table. Songs, lyrics, interactive, foldable parts. This game also has intelligent grades:Level 1: Discovery - first words and sounds. Level 2: Bounty Level - Encourages the baby with queries and simple instructions. Level 3: Roleplay - A power-developing level of games.

2. Dalol storybook

Songbook Songs Songs, sayings can be cheated by scrolling. It teaches the first words, letters, numbers, forms.

3. Studying Doggy - ЪJ

Learned Dog - NEW YOUR CHILDREN responds with songs and words, explains more than 100 words, including body parts, colors, and shapes. Intelligent grades can be a fun and entertaining companion for many years.Top 10 players in the list:4. Tanulу Kutyushugi ЪJ5. Stiftifu treasure trove 6. I am studying doggy style7. Color pyramid8. Shape box9. Tanulou tablet10. BeatBo RobotThanks everyone's votes! Three were lucky enough to win one of the following: BeatBo Robot, BeatBo Train, Doggy Dog. Winners will be notified at the email address provided. If you voted, check your mailbox!


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