Baby Development - The 11th Month

Baby Development - The 11th Month

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There is less sleep, more and more advanced communication, including the organization of the first birthday.

Baby Development - Month 11th Anniversary (Photo: iStock)This month, part of the changes will continue to expand the baby's exercise repertoire. Because by the age of 11 months, many babies have already made their first steps (probably more like clinging to the furniture, but it may even be a bit loud), or if they don't even come, they will miss we should be surprised if our child has lost his or her roundness these days and weeks. And we shouldn't be afraid, since a lot of exercise also means that the baby is building muscle. However, even if you are not ready for cooking, you should always talk to your pediatrician and / or nurse at this time. This is not a time for concern at this time: let's be patient with the baby, because he or she usually leaves this phase by himself and starts to get on his feet properly. If you can, walk home naked is small because it best helps you learn the right way to play.

Mass: Up

Because babies are starting to come, they can get to the furniture in the home they want to hang on to - think back when for their safety we will review the localities again. Install security locks on doors and boys that you wouldn't want them to open, lower the lattice on the bed (or remove it), If you find that your baby is making some dangerous movement, let's give him a definite "no" to begin to form borders in his head. You won't learn the rules right away, and even if you change what you are not allowed to do, you may not be obeying your needs because your curiosity is still overwhelming - so try to be patient. Do not use prohibition words too often (in some lesser situations, distract you somehow), as they can easily lose their weight. choking foods (sausages, popcorn, seeds, whole grains, etc.) should be avoided. Add water to your baby's food - mostly sugary, so it's not very beneficial for digestion. there are plenty of examples), let's try it to get together in the family, because it has a very good effect on the social skills of the younger ones, and we also generally accept new foods more openly when we see what we do. But don't worry too: the point is that the baby can always eat his or her baby at his or her own pace.If some new food is for the little one to reject, do not force itbut it can be shown to him again in a couple of days (and then again and again: there are dozens of times it is necessary for a particular baby to adopt a transient type), because it is still possible accept. Avoid sticking rigidly to the dining area - no matter how much the baby should eat at one time: accept that your sleeping bag can be wavy.

To read, to speak

Linguistic Communication is Starting a New Level in These Weeks: Usually for Parent Requests we get some answers right away - which does not mean that we will understand what the baby is shedding. And if we name the objects in the room, the baby can point to the thing - and when we point to something and ask for it, it will often do the right thing. If you want to do your baby's language development, the best way to continue we talk to him a lotand we read to him every day. Let's keep you active while reading: Feel free to point out your favorite picture details, grab the pages, back to your favorite details. But of course, it means to them if they can organize their games by size or color (show them their cd!), as well as any other game that is put together for assembly (they are good if you can't make it bigger). this turnaround would have come, it might be easy for our baby to switch from two daytime naps to a single dullet this month - but this one still needs to be kept on, even if you still need to stay a little . (Sometimes missed times aren't harmful, of course.) As many people begin to come this month and our bodies grow vigorously, all of which give the brain a complex set of tasks, let's make sure that our baby you can sleep more restlessly at night, Бm it soon magбtуl elcsendesedik.Mivel this hуnap valу the elsх szьletйsnapra kйszьlйs time also hold йszben that are small at this time mйg not йrtik the szьletйsnap koncepciуjбt as ajбndйkok terйn are not kьlцnцsebb igйnyeik - not thinkers tehбt tъl this egyйbkйnt kйtsйgtelenьl jelentхsйgteljes esemйnyt .
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