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Turn the parent on / off!

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Turn it on - kids turn on, turn it off - psychologists are on. It's good to have a baby in March, if your child has to ask you to turn on your gadgets :) Some tips to keep it that way.

It doesn't matter what the child sees in his father's life

Death Reasons and Death Alternatives

You would watch something.
Let's take a look at old-fashioned photo albums, and we'll have a lot of interesting, funny scenes in our head. Let's show the kids in the pictures what it was like when we were kids, what kind of games we had.Now comes your favorite cartoon.
Let's make a movie for ourselves. The baby will be fascinated by the following tricks. In the bottom corner of a booklet, we draw a dotted pencil, in the corner of the next page, a scattered figure of the hand. We roll the first little one over a pencil and move it back and forth: it looks like a human being jumping. We can repeat this with many different characters.Now comes the tale.
We can't seduce a toddler from his or her tale with the usual storybooks, but what if we were surprised to take a "not for him" book from our own bookcase? If you are telling the story of the child at the level of interest, you will also look at a painting or geographic album with interest.So I'm bored.
Quickly get a box made of a refrigerator box by the back of the wardrobe, put a doll in your hand, and the show can begin in March. Let's get into the twisted story of a child's close-ups, with a doll character involved in it.The child starts to groan.
Turn on the fun, push the furniture up, and dance it upstairs in the apartment. Bird Fighting, Sock Fighting, Fancy Pancake - Well, what do these terms hide? All right!

How to View Father?

Shape the family's habits of parenting according to the best interests of the child. Backstage and cross-channel surfing taboo in their presence, because it overloads the nervous system, leads to attention loss, hearing loss. Long life is a passive way of life, and prenatal nourishment is one of the main causes of obesity. In our free time, we encourage the use of exercise, games, and family programs. So we have less time to lose, and this is just about time for a kid. When we turn on the routine as usual or boredom, we would rather insert a gym video tape. Let's select together the future of what we want to see. Discussing this is also a great program. Our old favorites are trustworthy shows, but it is good to have a new children's show "without a kid". THE quick change, the cartoonishly distorted figure, the alarm colors and sounds they are often innocent to the child. Rather than tailor our activities to the show, we should rather record the video that interests and watch it when we have the time. Let's talk afterwards: Whoever liked it, let's tell our dad, if he didn't see it, draw the characters.

How old can a child be to see his father?

Until school, the child learns and develops on the basis of direct experience. The smaller it is, the less it is able to utilize, understand and process what is seen on television. But if you had spent the time you spent before your father in active activity, in games, in motion, in gaining life, you could have enriched your personality. We are not doing a good job for our young child by focusing on the world of the screen for the sake of learning, even for storytelling. Suggested cohabitation is to develop habits that are harmful to the child as much as possible. Do not turn on the cookers automatically with backdrop the little one absorbs so many indigestible mental "diets" with almost milk. Choose the program you want from the program before turning off the post. Let's talk about the program afterwards: let's talk about the results afterwards. Video buzz is "healthier" than fire: let's see what time we specifically want, filtering out brainwashed ads. At any time, we can pause the movie to discuss and interpret what is being seen. For children, cartoons or baby cartoons with slow, little action can be recommended. There are very few of these, but by no means do these mid-length American cartoons. Let's set a water at eye level! Let's crouch down and see what we saw in the child's height. The same is true with cartoons for the most sane children: we find it fun to see the little one, though he does not have the knowledge to use humor in the scenes. Because they can't read, they don't know UR, we never know what they are seeing: advertising, fairy tales, or currency.

The line is over

Today, almost every family has a parent. Its effect is that we can hardly exclude children in the long run, but it would be wrong to start early. Generally speaking, the low age of death is the second to third year of life. At a young age, the screen does nothing for the little ones. Let's delay the onset of death and reduce the amount of time each day a family spends on it. His knowledge of humorous scenes, scary turns, scary speech and movement is irrelevant to us. During school, the kids they can't always make a difference between currency and fictional acts, so they may be afraid of a series of images. On the other hand, it is a pleasure to discover things already known on the screen. It is a good thing to first get to know the ladybug, the pony, the pancake first.In the lack of direct discovery the father does not supplement the life of the currency, but replaces it in its place. This would definitely be detrimental, so let's not be fooled by the immensity of educational films. We do not use the father as a bis-titer, but as a picture book: let's see and talk about what we have seen. What show should we choose? Toddlers love cute characters, short stories, slow-moving, actionable things (Teletubbies, Baby Moles, Baby Tales, Toddlers, Dumplings, Raisins). If we start with the kid, he'll be demanding it daily. If we spend a little time together, it is enough to turn on a party for the weekend. It can also be a pleasant program to watch the show as you come together, talk, wonder and laugh together.It is ideal to always put the day off at the same time of the day. It helps if you miss a video on your chosen kid's program so that you can watch it at the most opportune time, getting rid of some very bad pre-requisites, suggestions, commercials. Other members of the family also require self-discipline when it comes to eliminating backdating and channel switching.

Come along!

Today, it is hard to imagine our lives without a father, it is better to teach our children in a timely manner how to cultivate and to develop good habits ourselves. At this age, personhood, experience, is the primary source of knowledge. You will not lose anything if you do not see your father at all before school. In our free time, let's go out, walk, move, play! If we do not have time for this, we would rather involve the baby in our household than put it in front of the father. Only turn on the cookers if you actually get there. As long as the kid is in the room, let's not die, or just spend time with him. Record or buy on air broadcasts at inappropriate times. Quick shifts, cartoon-like drawings are not worth it, you can't follow an overly action-packed act, most cartoon characters aren't just for kids. slow, short, simple act (Little Mole, Fallen Tales, Elek Mekk, Raisins, Teletubbies, Pumukli). These are usually boring for an adult, and we certainly do not make more than a quarter of them. That's enough for a child for a day. Live next to you, welcome, and talk about what you see. It's almost as if we were telling ourselves. Perhaps we can make a compromise: one evening fairy tale, the other night a short one, a short one (drooling).Related Articles:
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