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CSOK can cost up to $ 35 million more on second-hand homes

CSOK can cost up to $ 35 million more on second-hand homes

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Since July, the range of publicly supported housing options has been expanded, mainly on used properties.

CSOK can cost up to $ 35 million more on second-hand homesThe following changes have come to fruition as of July:
  • An interest-free baby loan can be borrowed up to a maximum of HUF 10 million: this will release 30 percent after the second child, while the full repayment obligation will be canceled after the third child
  • Interest-subsidized CSOK loan can be used to buy already used homes, not just again
  • The village CSOK 2486 is available locally: the amount of this is as much as a new home in a used home, but it can only be bought for rent, and the other part can be added and / or extended
  • Mortgage loans taken out of capital will release $ 1 million in capital for the second, $ 4 million for the third, and $ 1 million for each subsequent child
  • The value limit of 35 million forints has been eliminated for CSOK to be used for residential purposes, as more expensive real estate can be bought

Used to buy a home for three pregnant children $ 27.2 million in state support could be all possible, And $ 35 million when buying a new home: the non-refundable part of this can be used for 12.2 million forints and 20 million forints for new homes - write in 24th.
New homeUsed apartmentUsed housing in village CSOK
Babavbro credit10 Million Ft10 Million Ft10 Million Ft
ONLY 1 child600,000 Ft600,000 Ft$ 300 + $ 300

ONLY 2 children

2.6 million Ft1.43 Million Ft1.3 + 1.3 Million Ft
CSOK for 3 children10 Million Ft2.2 million Ft5 + 5 Million Ft
CSOK for up to 4 children10 Million Ft2.75 Million Ft5 + 5 Million Ft
Interest-bearing CSOK loan for 3 children15 Million Ft15 Million Ft15 Million Ft
Interest-bearing CSOK loan for 2 children10 Million Ft10 Million Ft10 Million Ft
The amount of non-interest subsidized CSOK in the case of a rural CSOK used apartment half of it can be used for buying a home, and the other half can be used for renovation and / or expansion, You can have up to 1, 2, 3, 4 or more children with a family. Non-interest-bearing CSOK is non-refundable in all cases, even interest-bearing CSOK loans are refundable for 2 and 3 children. The baby loan is repayable in 70 percent after 2 children, but no repayment is required after 3 children. Baby loans are also available only for children born after July 1, 2019, as well as for CSOK and interest-subsidized CSOK loans for already existing and future children. It is worth keeping in mind that this is only possible until June 30, 2022 for a used CSOK village and until December 31, 2022 for a baby loan.

It is your decision to clear the 35 million mark

In 2016, the CSOK system was used to eliminate "luxury" homes for 35 million used homes, but this has become unavoidable with rising prices, according to Laszlo Balogh. In June, over 113,000 homes and homes for sale were used, and only 52 percent - about 59 thousand - was less than 35 million forints. In Budapest, only one quarter of the supply was lower, and in the Pest county only one third was cheaper. because you can't add CSOK to these. Many families who wanted to do CSOK couldn't stop, because in Budapest and in the big cities there was no suitable used property included in the price range. According to him, the capital's real estate prices soared in recent years: the price of 60 square meter panel flats is also close to 25 million forints, And the most affordable new homes for the target group, with a size of 60-80 square meters, are well over 35 million HUF. So far, those who have a reasonable and payable CSOK are virtually excluded: to be able to apply for an interest-based CSOK loan for a used home, and, according to Balogh Laszlo, the rising, the income of those in need of support does not increase in the same way. The specialist counted on demand and somewhat on offer, for those who are going to sell their homes will move on, and that may be another reason for gloom. In his opinion, the CSOK loan extended to second-hand homes will probably not pay as much as when three children received $ 10 million in non-refundable subsidies for new homes. Boosting can be effective in supporting baby clothing, and it should be remembered that the demand side has struggled to keep up with the upheaval. You can now do this by providing support or by completing one or two years of deferred purchases.

What properties can be gates now?

According to László Balogh, the demand for larger, 3-4 bedroom properties is increasing: in Budapest, an apartment of around 50-60 square meters is now worth 35 million forints, a house in a big city and a smaller house can buy a large house. Second-hand homes with a value of between $ 40- $ 50 million are likely to generate the most sales in the capital, and family homes over 60 million forints, mainly in agglomeration. In fact, state support (village CSOK) with interest-backed loans can be small enough to buy without a partner. In Budapest and in larger cities, if you have a small apartment (for example, around 20 million forints) and would buy a bigger one, it is best for those who are creditworthy, can borrow and have 1-2 children. However, according to Balogh Laszlo they won't be able to buy a bigger apartment with two rooms in the same place for just an extra 10 million forints, since this is only 10-14 square meters, one room is enough. According to Home Center, the discounts can be best used for higher and / or larger properties, so they can be better. Only baby support can be used to buy the smallest homes, However, for families with many children, these are not ideal living space. They are counted on to excel in hitherto preferred areas,especially for larger floor space and / or more expensive family houses.Related links:
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