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Even lowering your child's total YOUR income

Even lowering your child's total YOUR income

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Minor mothers who have been adversely affected by the elimination of the ability to donate are receiving an income tax return, the National Ministry of Resources has informed the government's decision.

In a statement released to MTI on Wednesday, the ministry said that the January 1 tax cutbacks would be more generous and more competitive. However, due to the termination of the grant, the monthly burden of the maternity allowance (child) and the child care allowance (child) under the gross amount of HUF 202 thousand, which is compensated by the Cabinet income earners. In the case of childbirth and maternity ascertained before January 1, the parents concerned are entitled to benefits based on their previous gross wages before weaning; therefore, in the case of established benefits, an additional benefit is required to ensure that the net amount of the benefit is not reduced, and additional earnings are increased over time. Pursuant to the Government Decree - Detailing - the parent who receives childbirth benefit as of December 31, 2011 and January 1, 2012, and is entitled to the same year's income Does he / she claim family benefits and, if so, how many children. Consideration should also be given to whether or not you have enrolled in the tax year last year.
All of these benefits are provided by the health insurance treasury departments of the Metropolitan and County Government Offices, and the place where they are paid by the Social Insurance Agency. The health insurance authorities will post every nil to the health care provider, who will continue to receive the benefit, in the next few days as soon as possible.
Anyone who applies for income tax by May 31, will receive back compensation in January. However, anyone who submits a request for the flux by the deadline will only be entitled to the grant from the month following the filing, not retrospectively, the ministry called attention. The statement is also available at, as well as in the Capital and County Health Insurance and Paying Offices.


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