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What are we treasured by our mother? Pure mother of this child!

What are we treasured by our mother? Pure mother of this child!

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It is a good thing to get our faults and bad attributes down to genes, but in many cases it is our lifestyle and our habits that are more responsible. However, there are a few things that we can really apply to genetics, including our genes that are inherited from our mother.

What do we know about motherhood?We show you what qualities our mother defines.


Certainly, the shape of our body, our bone structure, and the amount of muscle we gain, are all from our mothers. The proportion of our body fat is also determined by our genes 80%, but that does not mean that our weight can be completely considered genetic. We are more prone to weight gain, but we can change the way we exercise with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Menstruation and migration

The first menstrual period of a girl appears with a high likelihood at an age similar to that of her mother. In addition, mothers of migrant mothers are more likely to develop migrant than their mothers who do not cope with this problem. A mother diagnosed with breast, rheumatoid arthritis, or Alzheimer's disease is also more likely to have these diseases.


If the mother is very fierce and temperamental, or, on the contrary, a calmer, calmer type who is difficult to get out of the twist, she passes it on to her children. In part, it has a genetic cause, but it also affects the child by suggesting to his mother that he "shuts off" the habit. In addition to temperament, depression can also be a predisposing factor, according to researchers, 50% of genetics determine whether someone is depressed.

Strong control

Just like habitus, so can the feeling of strong control from the mother, especially if someone grows up in a household where they always have to sign in, where, when and with whom they spend their time. Perfectionism, often associated with strong control, may be of genetic origin, according to researchers. If, however, a child grows up in a relaxed environment, has more relaxed boundaries, and his mother is less of a controlled type, then he himself will become more free-spirited.

M-shaped hairline

A characteristic feature of the M-shaped hairline is that there is a smaller V-shaped hairline at the center of the forehead, which gives it the most heart-shaped frame. If the mother has a similar hairline, then her seedlings are also likely to suffer from it.


Not only are we physically aware, but we are also asking our mother about how fit we are and how physically demanding we are. Thus, the resilience and strength - or even the lack thereof - of her mother will also be characteristic of the child. But just as our body is shaped, we can work on this ability and develop it through persistent training.

Your skin is covered

If someone has acne even in adulthood, is the skin of the fat responsible? which, unfortunately, we are genetically predisposed to. The advantage of leaner skin, however, is that it shrinks. The mother also has high cheekbones, which also helps to reduce the risk of skin wrinkling. However, gray and black mothers can also have dry skin in their gray and blue children, which is a common cause of this type of disorder because people with this type have lower levels of melanin.


At the age when your mother is menopausal, it can have an effect on how fertile your girls are. If a mother starts to menopause at the age of 45, her baby's eggs are shorter than those of a mother who reaches the age of 55. Likewise, spontaneous abortion can be transmitted from mother to child.

Business care

If the mother is struggling with hip or hip wear, her children are 40-70% more likely to have the same disease. Those who keep the weather fronts in the courts or the hips, and their mothers with business-related problems, need to turn to a specialist for strength training at an opportune time.Related articles in the topic:
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