Esther's Diary - Week 18Move!

Esther's Diary - Week 18Move!

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Juli called and said to forget about the notion of an adult and a kid (probably reflecting on the related diary). I'm going to be a mom now, Mom.

And, of course, what do I want? In my opinion, I do not want to be a child (very close) to thirty. I'm an adult woman already. "Do you understand, Esti? Adult woman! Why do you have an adult problem?" he asked. You asked. I have no particular concern, just as much as you, Julcsi. Because grown up - so: motherly - our wild beasts often feel the need to rape the air-dandelion spirits while imposing borders and imposing sanctions on the lives of our children. When we were looking for a gendarmerie, even though we were just too much of a bully. When we have to be consistent and thoughtful, even if we just laugh at everything that happens. So, little Julikam. But you know that, even a mother of two, much better than her! Not only do you call your not-insecure concepts child and adult, but as you said, you have to learn that not your crib, but a baby on top of the hierarchy should be Louis.
Nowadays, I'm like a narcolepsy, I get to sleep at 22.50 every night, just like the one I was injected into, drooling over even the best movie. I have a good night's sleep, but also the days if I could. Now it's up, I'm wondering how long it will take.
Mom called me, too. He asked if I could feel the baby move because it was time. I can't feel it, so as soon as I put down the phone, I was just looking online to find out what was normal. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've promised many times that I'm not really intoxicating between forwards sentences, but this was the simplest and quickest way to find out if everything was okay with me! It soon became apparent that expectant children would be much less likely to feel the baby moving than those who were eating away, since they had no idea what to experience. It is also sure that week 18 is a time when I need to feel something, but many chat mothers already have a baby by week 11 or even 9 (3 months). Anyбm! DEEEEMIIT? Nobody knew Leenr properly. I decided to calm down, lie down and watch. Before that, I made green tea, which I tossed with sugar-free Milk with a little sugar. I was lying on my back and I was very, very focused. I didn't need much, I felt something. Some kind of very weak pulsation in the lower part of my stomach, like when a good workout makes my muscle wrinkle appear again. From there, I became convinced that the baby may not have been a regular hit when I felt them a little to the right and sometimes to the left. The consciousness or the sensation was faster and better, I don't know, but it was harsh. Pregnant women often cry. Hey, because he is served by hormones, hey, he is happy, he is tired, he is distressed, he is confused, he is sad at the beginning / middle / the end of the film, if he is exposed to some ridiculously nasty advertising. Don't snooze right now? And the relief! From the 12th week ultrasound, we didn't know anything about the baby, until now! The scariest thoughts disappeared from the hidden nook of my brain. The first trimester sick people got a new meaning, and then I thought that something like this is going to be our life now, every parent's life, all the sacrifices, no comfort, no worries, no worries, no annoyance, no annoyance, it looks like shit. I called my mom that all right, I've gotten the SMS right now, to feel, to feel the baby, the world order (from which I broke up halfway) restored to normal, the earth returned at a steady speed, I was happy, as happy as Jodie Foster could be in the Contact movie with the signs taken from the ground.


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