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How to protect against ticks?

Spring is the time of great excursions, and at the same time the tick season begins. We are well aware of how we can protect our children from ticks. Dr. Gabriella Stanley was consulted by a pediatrician.

How to protect against ticks?

Due to the mild winter, there are likely to be many ticks in the wild. Ticks can be found mainly in forests, most of which live in the frosty undergrowth. However, we can count on presence in the park, in the garden. Practically, if we like to be out in the open air a lot, it is definitely worth thinking about what we can do to avoid black little "wings". It is best to proceed with the planned forest programs with the established defect.

Protection against the tick

" THE locked up may provide some protection. Put the child's pants in the socks, and put them in the pants. Add some light garments to them, as you can see the little dark tick on the clothes. In warm weather, when your little body is free, it is still possible to treat parts of the body with a tick. Tцbbfйle kullancsriasztу kaphatу. Unfortunately, which contains diethyl toluamide (DEET), when applied at high concentrations, can cause unpleasant symptoms on the skin of the child. Another relatively new formulation, containing eucalyptus oil and other essential oils, has been found to be effective in repelling ticks and has no toxic side effects, 4-5 ounces.
Third line of defense a vйdхoltбs, which is one of the diseases transmitted by ticks, is able to protect our body against encephalitis once we have received the vaccine line. This is a specific defense if a virus-infected tick hits our child. We are still on time for summer recruitment, as the baby will receive the vaccine due in one month and have the effect, "he says. Dr. Gabriella Stanley.

Should I anoint or not anoint?

"Safe ticks are worth using even if someone is vaccinated against the virus of encephalitis transmitted by ticks, because vaccination against other diseases that can be transmitted by the ticks does not, and should, always be done. we can prevent why not. "

Is Ticks Dangerous?

"The main danger of tick-borne disease is that the pathogens the tick carries can cause disease in the body of the child. Lyme kуrand caused by the so-called early-summer myelo-encephalitis virus cerebral, spinal inflammation.
Lyme disease is a treatable disease because bacteria have effective antibiotics. The main risk is not recognizing the disease (because they are not atypical at first), and so the disease progresses, affecting the business, the heart or the nervous system. This will mean more and more symptoms for months, years and years, affecting different organs.
Fortunately, one of the first symptoms of Lyme disease is transit bхrpнr almost always shows up. Most of the time, this is a slight reddish spot in the tick site, then a faded red spot on the inside of the tick, which can be noticeable for weeks, and sometimes even longer after treatment. This is ъn. Cocktail Exit usually appears 1-2 weeks after the pinch. Many times the drop is not even detected, but the appearance of a characteristic spot should give rise to the suspicion of Lyme disease. Seek medical attentionto start antibiotic treatment. The first symptoms are often headache, malaise, swelling of the lymph nodes.
Brain inflammation virus transmitted by ticks is a severe inflammation of the nervous system that has no specific treatment. Unfortunately, although this disease is rarely life-threatening, it causes severe, permanent nervous system damage, and is a frequent disorder of speech disorders.
If a tick infected with such a virus stings our child, we should pay attention to the following symptoms: nervous system symptoms - cerebral palsy and / or movement disorders, weakness, heart failure - occur. Since the outcome of the disease is completely uncertain, it is worthwhile to decide on a vaccine. "

Shut up? Don't fire it?

It is a dilemma for me to have my child now or not. Currently, the best way to prevent tick-borne viral encephalitis is to use vaccination.
"There are two formulations in pharmacies that are available on prescription. When using the most reliable vaccination series, the first immunization will be given one month after the first vaccination, and at least three months after the first vaccination. , and then until age 65, you need to repeat it every 5 years to remember your immune system and react appropriately. If something goes wrong, it's enough to continue where you left off without having to start again.
It is contraindicated to vaccinate like any other vaccine if the child has a febrile illness, or has previously developed an allergic reaction to that vaccine, -Learn about the specialist.

What should I do if I find a tick in my child?

"The most important thing to do is the tick quick removal, since the longer the tick stays in the skin, the greater the risk of infection. If your child has been vaccinated, he has not been defeated against Lyme disease, so an early exception is important. In the event that we do not have any tools, we can remove the tick with pleasure, but we can remove it with tweezers. We can keep in the home medicine tick tweezers. The ticks are pulled out of the skin by a determined movement, and if the tick's nose is severed, there is nothing to do, and it usually kicks off the skin in just a few days. Pre-emptying the tick is forbidden, increasing the risk of infection.
It is advisable to disinfect the ticks site. It is unnecessary to test the removed tick, because if it is confirmed that the tick is infected, the likelihood of it infecting the child is small, so any symptoms that occur will determine the need for treatment. "
Many do not know, but freshly skimmed milk can infect our child with the virus-transmitted viral encephalitis virus if the milk-donating animal (cow, goat) is infected by a tick. Therefore, it is important to boil the house milk for 5 minutes before consuming it. Even so, it is understood that protection against this disease remains.
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