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How Much Is A Kid Getting Started For ParentsLegalbbis 2016

How Much Is A Kid Getting Started For ParentsLegalbbis 2016

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The cost of education was HUF 15,300 per school last year, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO) on Thursday.

Getting started is not cheap

According to the August and September 2016 data, the most significant item of education expenditure per school is the textbooks and notes reported in the amount of HUF 11,303. second most important for clothes and shoes The average amount spent was HUF 9050 on average.For school catering HUF 7,192, school supplies, and supplies went for $ 5,651. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, parents spent HUF 4,378 on education costs, school fees, HUF 4578 per school, HUF 4,584 on schoolchildren, sporting goods and musical instruments. Last year almost 30 31 percent received free school mealsAnd 696,000 received the textbooks for free - read the summary. $ 19,600.Related materials:
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