Music festivals for children in the venue

Music festivals for children in the venue

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You like to party and you can't wait for the big summer music festivals? Or do all this go out of time for the kids? But you can boast of better programs! We followed up with the little ones how and with what requirements you might want to ship it to the site

Only 4 days! Last minute solution for many people from Lake Balaton

Heineken Balaton Sound in Zambradi
July 7-10, 2011.
If you submit to your website search that you have a kid's program, child-rearing, then of course there is no finding, in fact, non-small-child families are the goal of the event. But that does not mean that a sophisticated rocker is not looking for any great solutions, especially if money is not an obstacle. There are programs all day long, so you can have a good baby, stroller, stroller or baby in a wheelchair all day long. This year's HBS has announced that you can rent a supercharged 90,000 person caravan on site, and retire a little if you can. The 75 caravans for up to 300 people each accommodate up to 300 people in the intimate and superb location of the event, right on the waterfront. Showers, toilets, and exclusive furnished units in the secluded guarded park are for your convenience only. The service fee is 90 000 HUF (4 person caravan for the whole duration of the event). Bonus: +1 night free! 5 nights on the shore of Lake Balaton! Caravans are already available before the event is open, from day 0!
Book exclusively online! The park operates only with stationary caravans, and other vehicles are not open!
Heineken Balaton Sound's own campsite awaits those who arrive with the tent, also at the waterfront next to the event. In the enclosed grassy area there are tents, toilets and showers. You can enter the campsite only with a separate ticket (wristband), which costs 1500 HUF, and is valid for the entire duration of the event. A camping ticket is available at all known listings for as long as stocks last. Alternatively, you can bring a car to the neighborhood where you take the grandmother or the babysitter who will take care of the kids during the evening concert.
The price of the tickets is HUF 12,000 and the ticket is HUF 35,000. You can also plan your festival for a family vacation before, after, or after a day of swimming, provided the sun shines on a few occasions.
Detailed program here!

A cool, colorful, kid-friendly program for lazy (or other alternative) parents

Veszprém Street Music Festival
July 13, 2011 11 уrбtуl 17-йn 0 уrбig.
This classic street music festival, as in the past 11 years, is still free to visit and enjoy. Do it and enjoy the many street music productions from all over the world as you enjoy your stroller from music to music in this gorgeous old town! Tickets are exclusively for the Streets in Veszprém, on the day of concerts, 14th July, 15th, 16th and 19th. You can buy a ticket for these larger evening gigs in advance on July 13th.
But all the other programs are free, and you pay as much and as you want for the street music tradition! Every day the same helyszнnen 14 уrбtуl vбltozatos programs for children: the nagyobbacskбknak йlmйnyцsvйny йs йlmйnylabirintus, those who mйg was carrying 15 уrбtуl hordozбsi tanбcsadбs, kendхmegkцtйsi bemutatу, 16 уrбtуl hordozуkendх-tбnc (super йn you have already prуbбltam, better than a kцredzйs, йs what szуrakoztatу !). And, of course, parents aren't left afloat as well: interesting performances outside of street music, salsa and zumbatantas, street music flashmob, midday noise, I want to say music every 17 days or more. Concerts from 3:30 pm until dawn. Consider this open-air fun, but there are also other things to do: you can visit the zoo, and you can go to the lake for lunch, where you can go to Alsushrush for lunch
Shipping is available in a variety of prices, from $ 200 per head and overnight.
"At the Veszprém Street Music Festival, we discovered things that are not in Wikipedia: streets, people, and feelings. on the streets all the way down to the stage. We couldn't bring back these pictures. We didn't know that so many musicians would play on so many street corners that it would be so hilarious, not so many open people who would be so nice. "

Insulation for parents

Ubudai Hajgyabri Island, August 10-15, 2011 Slowly seventy years have passed since August for generations of Sziget Festival fans over the years. In the meantime, whether or not you grew your fanbase of the Island, and if not, the question is, of course, whether it's worth going out with the kids. Yes and no. There is definitely another way to play with your child, even if you are a male rocker.

Photograph by: Kata Vermes, 2010. Nagysznpad, Gwar Concert

The focus of the night programs is on the living room, and they ask if it is worth chasing 12,500 for the daily ticket. At the moment, it seems that there will be no kid programs, and it may be that isolation does not please puppets. And for a child, the smaller the more it is to have with his parents wherever it is, it almost doesn't matter. Years ago, I tried this two and a half year old kids, and then there were a lot of super kid programs and we had a lot of fun all day, but they weren't interested in me. Our only middle point was the village of Africa, where we enjoyed the drumming together for a long time. There is no alternative solution to common insulation, once you have bought the entrance and you are inside, then you are inside, swallowing the dust, and drifting with the weight. In order to have a weekly sleep with your child, you have to be involved first. Of course, the installed VIP caravans are here, at least they can be locked, and all the stuff, possibly with the tent, will not disappear, and they will return after a more expensive ride. However, not many babysitters are brought here, Granny is not sure, so maybe one of the parents always gets a nap and some sleep at night? Of course, coming from a larger, childish company, it might not be a problem if someone succeeds, tell us absolutely! The organizers have decided to publicly announce the free children's program series, which has already taken place. The program is still hot this time, as always.
Entrepreneurial spirit
Faroe Islands in Târgu-Mureş, that is, Tuborg Green Fest Faroe Islands
Aug 2011 25-28.
No problem with the program, the venues, the offer is plentiful: Hammer Fall, Gentleman, rockers Kasalian and Within Temptation, dnb fans the top 10 DJs. But in general, not only light music, but also theatrical, diverse venues await visitors.

Photo by: Zцldi Emese, Aug 2010 27. Others went with babies!

The entry price favors ample competition with similar events at home. And if you take the 570 kilometer journey with your child, you will not be disappointed. But I would only recommend this to anyone who has already practiced with the kids in the festival genre, or is on vacation and looking into it.
Jegyбr: July 15 to July 179 lei (11 300 Ft), on the spot 240 lei (15 300 Ft), daily ticket 80 lei (5000 Ft) Available in Târgu Mureș
Goбs for parents
Ozorbn August 2-7, 2011
The ancient times and modern music are captured in the Ozorg. Music, whether psychedelic trance, goa or ambient, is not interesting, Ozora accepts everything and everyone.

Ozorafest Cheese Photo

During the night of the festival, you will sing, gorgeous stage scenes, performances, and then the dawn itself will give you the perfect body for the music of the Goa music world charts. In addition to its musical diversity, the message of Ozora is the love of nature and one another. No one is littering here, trampling bushes and no violence. Ozora is a festival of peace and love, people don't come here to dance, but to dance and have a good time. Food and drink are also available naturally, but no one is scratching their feathers in search of food or weeks. The Ozora of Community and Relaxation, as the festival salutation says, is a foot full of Wild Paradise - we read it on a website.
If this is the starting point, this is the ultimate destination if you are a go-to fan and want to celebrate with a kid. Be sure to watch the videos to see what exactly you are looking for!
Weekend Ticket: $ 50
Total price: $ 100
Programs, gallery, videos here!