Early Born Day at Szeged Wildlife Park

Early Born Day at Szeged Wildlife Park

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Early Born Day at Szeged Wildlife Park

This year is the first time the day of the newborns is held in Szeged: we welcome former patients and their families to the Wildlife Park!

I was waiting for the patients of the Intensive Care Unit of Szeged Children's Clinic, and their families were born on the first day of Sep. At the special event, old patients can meet again with the physicians and nurses of the prematurity class and exchange experiences with all parents and their young children in the first days, weeks, weeks of their lives.
I came earlier in the Day of the Early Born Dr. In addition to presenting the head of the prematurely born intensive department, Gyula Tálosi will also hold programs on horticulture and gymnastics at the Giraffe Wildlife Park.
The Szeged Children's Clinic is responsible for 200-250 babies per year in the intensive care unit of the Early Childhood Department, with the most advanced parents and newborns in the South Alpine region. The Formerly Founded Foundation was established in December last year and set a goal to help the department function day-to-day. Sándor Gyьdi, the director general of the Szeged National Theater and Zita Varga, the Hungarian champion in water polo played a role in the Board of Trustees.


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