Easter energy purification tips for moms

Easter energy purification tips for moms

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Hъsvйt? Oh no! many moms sigh. How can we avoid becoming more exhausted after Easter than before? Change it if you need to! We'll be crazy about how.

I take my word for celebration - how much positive stuff does that say ?! Unfortunately, as with many other holidays, Easter is downgraded to a mother-in-law's twilight, a wooden spoon, and a temporary kitchen. And, of course, the apartment should be sparkling, and here and there a holiday-like décor should light. So the holiday will be perfect. As the days come to a close, Mom dries down to the table and thinks it's good to have only one cold a year. But it could be something else.

Do not do more than smile

We don't go anywhere with the size

Where's this big win for power? Why do we, mothers, remember that we need to make the most of the kitchen and home decorations during the holidays? Finding the answer Serfukh Anik we called psycholgy.
- The old pattern is rooted in a social era when women were still not working, big families were living together. The good thing about today's society is that a variety of roles can be played, says Anik Serfzhzh. "No one is scandalized when a man bakes a festive baby boy, maybe when a mom takes a baby to water." But the roles are interchangeable. If you want to celebrate a family, it is important that everyone get involved in the preparation, men and children of all ages - call the expert.
- In many of our jobs, in the pursuit of the perfect "Magazine Holiday" image, we just get tired of it, the rest don't appreciate our work, because we haven't experienced the fatigue of splashing like this.

Everyone has to attend, just so the holiday is over

The most important thing to understand is that the robot and the role it plays for us have no value. We can't count on recognition and bereavement on family members. If we do everything, this is what we should tell the family: it is natural for me to do all the work and you just have to enjoy. (Of course, this may be our goal, but complaining is strictly forbidden.)
- Who is involved in starting or organizing activities does not take part in the festive preparations, it can not really celebrate the holiday emphasizes Anikou Serfzhzh. The following activities may include egg painting, hand washing of the car (not in the car), cleaning, painting, painting the door, or drawing Easter eggs. Anything that is in the spirit of spring New Year's Eve is part of the Easter preparations.
If everyone has a job and not just the mother "stings," then the mother will have the energy for the holidays. There remains time and strength for one another and for recharging. In addition, thanks to their own invested work, the children and the father will appreciate the result better, and the festive preparation will be truly celebrated. And most importantly, because working together results faster, there is more time for quality work when we are really paying attention to each other.
THE holidays are especially suitable for quality time. It is very necessary to have gray weekdays that are special, distinguished days from the sea. But they should not manifest themselves in wearing our most beautiful clothes or having more gastronomic meals on the table, but rather in a pleasant, intimate, fun-filled preparation and ritual.
Well, of course, a pleasant Easter family holiday can not be encouraged from scratch like a cylinder. If you do not have a good base, that is, the right family atmosphere on weekdays, then the holiday mood will be lost. Your child will not smile happily with their grandparents after watering or egg-pinging at home if they do not have a calm, attentive attitude, good mood. So something was ready for the holiday let's start with the daily routine.

Have our own festive ritual

Family roots may dictate a holiday pattern that is uncomfortable for us. (For example, it is expected that many members of the family should be contacted within a day.) If this is the case, let us stand up and talk to our couple or other family members calmly about what we want.
I was kind of family friendly let's develop a holy Easter ritualin which we and the whole family feel at ease. As a result, we are churning out another piece of the present that has wasted our energy.
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