Marcsi's Journal Turner 2: Stock Time…

Marcsi's Journal Turner 2: Stock Time…

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You can read Fodor Marcsi's Pregnant Diary from Pregnancy to Tomorrow. You can also find out how his couple, Zsolt Batki, saw the same events.

By the fourth week, it looks like it is time for the little fathers to calm down, and even storage can begin. The fact that this storage is going to be first and foremost on your hairline is probably just my personal pity, but I'm afraid that my underwear will go through this phase once. This is the time when little babies still have little to do. Pregnancy has been confirmed, and there is nothing to worry about yet, but ultrasound and other tests do not expect much blood. One lens-sized fetus is still not very functional on the monitor. Of course, it's also a challenge to see if your baby is the first to see your baby, but in this exam I was too weak at the time of my two larger daughters, so I just thought I'd wait for the baby to wake up.
For the time being, however, there are still a couple of big-time dad's to spend, spiced up with some extra shifts that can be attributed to my pregnancy-sickness / insanity / sickness cards. But strangely enough, it is not the extraordinary shift of the big ones this month that is most disturbing, but the side effect of this pregnancy and pregnancy: that the couple whose life is starting and growing is growing get the kicks out!
I'm explaining the situation: the pregnant mother is keen, buys the food, takes the big portion out of her hands, and after three spoons she realizes she hasn't tasted anything like this yet (yesterday) in it, she's drowning herself! In fact, he can't help but feel sorry for him, Dad. Dad's coming in, taking him out, and of course eating his own. Then half pregnant your mother is hungry again, but at least your stomach needs something to eat! The delicacy comes again, three more walls, and Dad covers the rest again. Because we don't throw anything out (maybe the dachshund, but if we are foolish we can drink it too)! And if all this is a serious circumstance, a vacation in Croatia, all inclusive, should be a person on your feet who won't miss a few pounds.
I was really looking forward to the holidays too and I thought I'd quit working, all week long, moving, good air by the sea ... It seemed guaranteed that I would be thinner at the end of the holiday. But it turned out to be one of the most effective and also one of the roughest consumers. (I have + 2 kilos, my wife minus one.) And the most beautiful thing in the whole is that when a mother complains to the doctor that she is sick and stomach-like, and even regular, the answer is that this is normal. Ilya! If I did the same, I went straight to psychiatry as an anorexic person with a tendency to bulimia. So I didn't do it, instead we had a great time with the sea with the girls, and the day before last, we also convinced the baby to put on a lot of skin and dare. "Yeah, yeah, well, I'm done!" he said half a minute later, though he was holding his hand and the girls were shaking their hands so that he wouldn't give up, he wouldn't be involved in such a wonderful marine condition for a while. But we failed to persuade you to take another dive. We were too few, but soon the boost is coming, and if the little one wants it, I bet Mom will dive into unprecedented depths. In the meantime, I have an important mission: I have to give up a few more kilos and, instead, have more peace and patience to spend more time.