The arrival of the little one can also cause problems on the train

The arrival of the little one can also cause problems on the train

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Three-year-old baby, happy, balanced, with a good family history. There is apparently no reason to hold back the pouch, but you don't want to go to the toilet occasionally. Tamás Vekerdy ​​answers.

The arrival of the little one can also cause problems on the train"My baby will be 3 months later in 2 months. And the problem hasn't started for half a year. I don't know exactly what or why she just folds, I don't poop, I don't want to poop. loves (never liked it before), we make sure we get the right amount of fiber. in this case we have departed many times from our usual daily routine, but he loves to come. From September to farewell, the first month was harder; and we also seem to be happy to go to a homeopathy doctor who thinks At the very least, he is more advanced in his senses, so he is more sensitive, sometimes more anxious, so he is holding back. He plays most of the time, he likes to be a baby. My brother goes into the games, but sometimes we don't understand why he doesn't want to be himself. We were also in the hospital, where for a week no poop, no physiological difference, paraffin oil suggested, and in the morning and in the evening you will receive a small spoon. (Because if you talk about the drool, it is painful to print it - an eccentric.) Nowadays it has changed so much that when you give him a poop, you poop, even for five days, but not on the sixth day. wants to poop. If you ask me why not, you just answer that I don't know why but I don't want to. We are simply innocent before it. I know this period is the racket, but you can talk about it, you need it, you re-talk about your events, you want to get answers to all of them and you get them. Others think she's a balanced, happy little girl, but why don't you want to poop ?? A couple of months from now she will give birth to a brother she seems to be very much in the blood. (We didn't even know I was pregnant, and we didn't talk about wanting her little brother, I was about 3-4 weeks old when she told me:
"Mom, I am expecting my little brother when he gets out of his stomach?" I was completely surprised, I have no idea how he knew it, because I didn't feel it either. I don't even know how he knew he was gonna come out of his stomach, we haven't talked to him like that, he was just two weeks old, he didn't see her father, he just talked to us.) he will remind him that he is not the only child, which I think will not be good for the poop. What to do or not to do? Why and how "normal" is this opposite? "
Although I do not believe in remote diagnoses, I can probably say that doctors are right about the truth: restraint is not of physical origin but of spiritual origin. Reading the beginning of the letter - "I do not poop, I do not want poop" - always asked me the usual queries at this time. Have the parents themselves, if only for a few days, traveled somewhere and, say, the grandparents, crushed the grandparents? Also, are you far from home or have you been to the hospital? unconscious or hypocritical images flow that he does not want to lose something, does not want to let go of somethingthey belong to themselves, to their body - or even to their body. After all, as a child has said, in the first years of his life he remains sympathetic to his mother, living a common life. So why do parents and especially the mother "disappear" this hold? And rightly so, this period is the beginning of a particularly sensitive "drumstick", which is the main problem with breakup, fluttering (what I want and not). It is a matter of playing with the baby he doesn't want something to change in this strong bond that makes you feel safe, when does age bring about the need for change? (It is also used to say that during this period of the child's life, if possible, "do not move", that is, to keep the external conditions unchanged. ) Further reading the letter, over the end, the bracketed part reminded me that "here is the solution"! Or at least, here too? Before that, they didn't tell you they wanted a "little brother"? Either somebody could talk about something like that in the family, or just in witchcraft, where the kids not only play to get the baby out of the stomach, but also to say that the baby is the same as the baby. that the symptom has just started. But we can see that it can be a humane, mutually reinforcing source for the development of such anxiety, and surely we have listed very few of the possible. To put it a bit deeper, in such cases, we can find a stream of yet again unconscious patterns in therapy, such as, "I'm one with my mom, and if I want my mom not to poop on me," Such formulas are only reinforced by the outward attitude of "looking forward" to the little brother.
As for therapy, turning to a third-year physician is a good way to go to a psychologist if possible, go to regular therapy at least three times a week, and generally expect a quick recovery and complete "healing." Article Source: Tamás Vekerdy: The Parent Guide, The Psychologist Answers 2nd Book.
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