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Children between the ages of three and five are best enjoyed when they are able to get on a boat, train or get something extra special. In this case, it is not the faith itself, but the travel itself. Real dad, family fun!


In Budapest you can travel with BKV's regular boat trips from Pınkösdfürdõ to Borboros tiger. You can go for a walk on the Margaret Island, go for ice cream, or go swimming on the beach at Peninsula Beach, which is just two minutes from the boat, and you can travel back by boat. It is very sunny on the deck and the weather is cool, so you have to take care of the sun and a light hood. Adults have a 900 HUF ticket, older children can travel 450 HUF. It is worth taking the fire, you can also get it on your hair. Schedule and information
With cogwheels and pushchairs
From Vosrosmaort you can reach the end of Szechenyi Mountain with the Cogwheels, and from there the 11.2 km long Children's Railway to the Cow. A nice little trail, interesting vehicles, dad and kid can admire the special gears that climb the mountain. And on the kids 'rail, kids' 10-14 year olds have some tasks and everything is so small! If you run out of time, you can interrupt your trip for a good outing at any time, but if you carry the little baby in a stroller, the best place to go is the Cool Sunday.
On Thursday, June 23, and Friday, June 24, a nostalgic ride on the Cog Railway will take place. Mounted on the trolley retained from the steam trolley, green color.
Sleeping bag on the forest railway
Have you ever traveled with the Kirillry Forest Railway, one of the oldest examples of this genre? On June 25, the story of Sleeping Beauty is brought to life by a flesh-and-blood character, where a small train, like a moving viewer, flew over the fairy tale. Departure 16.30, return approx. 18:45 pm. Book your tickets in time, but if you miss the show, it's not a tragedy either, as the journey itself and the milk are fabulous. Entrepreneurial spirits can ascend the Great Cold Mountain from the King at the end of the Great Mountain, but you can also go by stroller along the stream.
Ticket for Sleeping Bags 1800-1200 Ft back and forth.
Information, schedules, programs
With folding drive and reading
If you go to the Railway Park, you can have a ride on special vehicles, you can even try the train driver, the rider, the rides, and the rides. They could spend up to a day here without any hurry, interrupting the program by dining in a real, ironic iron grill.
Vasъttцrténeti Park
You can connect the cable car with the children's rail and cogwheels, as you can approach the Children's Railway with a short walk through the forest at János Hill or the Valley of the Valley. The track is 1040 meters long and the journey time is 15 minutes. It is easy to keep up with the progressive chairs, they do not travel fast at speeds of up to 4 kilometers, but they also help with lifting and dismounting when you need to carry a small child in your arms. The only downside is that you cannot lose yourself in the middle of a run if your child is frightened or crying at height.
The ticket price for adults is 1300 HUF.
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