You can vote for every day honeysuckle!

You can vote for every day honeysuckle!

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There are three categories you can vote for this year in the Golden Moment Vote. The winners will be eligible to receive the prize on November 22.

In category three, you can choose from among the three nominated to decide who the three gold medal winners will be, while the other three winners will be selected by the jury of the sixth of June. often referred to as "the women's Oscar-dinjak" and a statewide award of $ 200,000. You can vote for your favorites until November 17th.
With more than 250 truly personal stories, the Golden Mummy Jury had to select twelve worthy women for the third time. Zsuzsa Rбcz agreed on the news, and the award created by the support of Gedeon Richter Plc in 2011 never rewards accurate, measurable results. Because who can make a cold head decision here?
The jury, whose members have been the same since the beginning of the award, knows exactly what. Dr. Andrea Gyarmati, Olympian, pediatrician, Andrea Kriston, developer of the Kriston Intimate Gymnastics method, Olympic champion Tnmea Nagy, Kata born Dobу and the "homeowner", Zsuzsa Bek and Rzy Richter they are looking for women who are true heroines, but their personalities and vocations can be exemplary for all of us.

Vote for the Golden Mom candidates!

The Golden Mommy's website has just been uploaded to 12 selected introductory videos, and can be voted on at Nхk Lapja Café. After a big three-minute short movie, you could decide by category with just one click who you would vote for, who would be this year's jury. There are among them diabetics, pediatrician, pediatrician, obstetrician, home physician, obstetrician, conductor and there are physiotherapists, ounces.

Vote for your Golden Mom as well!

Unique Initiative in Hungary aims to increase women's social appreciation and self-esteem. The Richter Mommy Giveaway is always given to women who have never been known in the media, who work in the classical women's support profession, whose work is insignificant, yet with little financial and moral recognition. Let's quickly add: Now! Because the real success of the prize, maybe after many years, but if we can change that, we will be able to influence it, too. Together with several hundred, dead-end candidates, a jury that is always in a difficult position, Richter is a multinational globe and the main character of the day, the Golden Mummy. Voting for the Richter Golden Moment Danny runs until November 17th, let's decide who gets the Golden Moment Danny award this time! Click on this link to vote!