What to do in the ovis? Tips for practical installation

How do we adjust the content of our prospective small group ovisbags so that there is nothing superfluous but everything that is needed? Here's a starting list, based on my 9 years of experience.

Draw in the ovi

I still remember the first time I finished the kindergarten with the Grandfather. He was a little frightened, but he was frightened, but rather jerked away beside all the stuff that I thought was important to take in and out of my mind. part of the day she waited there in the nursery closet, and the nanny smiled kindly and said: take them home safely, no need for all that much ... long-sleeved tops, hats and bibs, hoodies and raincoats, as well as two change pants and pads. most important and most practical clothes / outfits in kindergarten.How do we combine the content of our future small group ovisbags so that there is nothing superfluous but everything that is needed? Here's a starting list that I've set up based on 9 years of experience in what I consider to be the most important gear. (Of course, every kindergarten is different, but it is a basic idea that we do not fall asleep on the first day of the institution.) One of my most important observers is that it is almost permanently hot in most of the institutions - whatever the season - the average temperature does not fall below 24-25 degrees, in addition to the small space and clumping of the group rooms, it is not possible to cook very well. it may happen that in one day they become unrecognizable.

In the case of indoor clothing, we have chosen the following


- Trousers (adjustable elasticated waist or buttoned, without zipper)
- if the baby is cool, then instead of stockings (it is only a problem, it is difficult to remove, very sticky, does not stretch, so we did not wear it)
- short sleeve (no button, no zipper - doesn't get anywhere)
- sandals (I swear by ankle toe, not everyone needs one, but a piece of ankle will certainly not give you support, and the sandal will ventilate well, unlike more people)


- skirt / dress (ingress, back zipper / button fit is not good), leggings (instead of stockings), leggings (similar to footwear)
- short sleeve (no button, no zipper - doesn't get anywhere)
- Footer: See fellow section
- sweat out of everything! There are 1-2 extra pieces of outerwear, but you need more in the first few weeks (socks, panties, and if you wear a child's paraphernalia, you will also wear them, because in the event of an accident everything will be). THE outdoor clothing choosing each of my children for a practicality was the most important. Always be outdoorsy, because it is very uncomfortable to sleep in a sandy pair of pants (unless they are changing their pajamas, but they have very little ovi).

Boys / girls (spring, summer, sun)

- short pants / cicanadrбg / leggings (The skirt itself is not a good choice. My grandmother soon realized that I was right when I said that it wouldn't be nice to sand in a skirt.)
- poo (be in reserve - best zipper or boo - pullover in the ovis, as time goes by)
- Footwear: You don't have to stick to your ankle sandals anymore, anything that your child can easily and comfortably wear, and of course, is weather-friendly.

Boys / girls (autumn, cold, rain, huh)

Most importantly, all the clothes in the rainy season be waterproofas much as possible.- rubber waist long trousers, short fall (cotton) version, rolled-over trousers - it is best to dry the trousers underneath, because the baby will not let down, trouble if it's a bit larger than the pass size of the point (it'll come in anyway)
- (zippered or incoming) pullover - the top of your long sleeves is not needed, because they do not replace the short sleeve, they buy the pullover (rather, the latter should be warm if the baby is cooler)
- (zippered) waterproof autumn / winter coat
- waterproof shoes / boots / boots
- warm, warm cap
- tab
- waterproof gloves with mittens (cotton cotton gloves, can also be mittens if you are wearing enough to wear alone)
- (overalls or bibs? This question always comes up in kindergarten circles. Usually the bumpy version is preferred by the caregivers because the coat is only worn as long as the children don't wear it) others should be prepared as if they were overblown there.)

Other equipment

Уvodu tornaurabra
- rubber soles (possibly light in color because they will not blend in with the floor), lace-up or boots (canvas)
- short pants
- Poo
- gym jacketБgynemы
Kindergarten quilt and pillowcases, sheets (some have to be covered and pillows included) - equipped with a sign (after a while I got tired of sewing signs, linen is lighter).Oviszsбk
There are several variants: hanging (pockets and zippers like clothes bags), where there is just one big bag. Try to pick a piece of durable material and be sure to have a kid's sign in a prominent place!Toothbrush, Hairbrush / Fésы
- everything should be marked (in principle, clean equipment does not have to be taken, it is worth asking first)
- hair rubber, hair clips, hairpins - a diet that is worthwhile to be prepared both mentally and physically (always be content) It is generally accepted in a small group to all the outfits and clothes were marked with the child mark. It is very important for you to know, to recognize your own property and for others to realize that it is not the plant. (And I'm not just thinking about the other kid here.) It didn't help us come up with something sleepingAlso, because kids are more likely to go to sleep indoors if they have a nice acquaintance. The list may seem long, but you can get into kindergarten life soon, and then you will go for it soon enough. Welcome to the Beginning of Education for Everyone! More Articles by: The Mom with Five Blog, Family Magazine, and Facebook Related Articles:
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