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Getting Started: Tips for Getting Started

How can you ease the divorce? What is the Ideal Age for Getting Started? How long does it take for the little one to get used to the new situation? What should we count for?

Getting Started: Tips for Getting Started

Let's start with the most shared request: do we wean the child or not? This request is relatively easy to answer. In today's age, mothers (who usually stay at home with the child) work, and it is not strictly tolerated in the workplace if someone wants to stay at home until the start of kindergarten. Yes, there is workplace pressure, and we often hear that mothers "hold" the place for a year or two, but they have to go back to work. to have a family stay safely and comfortably with just as many children. And there is a third answer: not all moms want to stay home for three years. Some people have grown up in middle-class, love their job, and want to return to their jobs to complete their job.At the ideal age, it's a fairly divided request. There is research to the contrary: there are those who believe that children between the ages of three and half have not been willing to spend longer periods in the community. Others are changing, and research results have been produced that will make it an ideal community for years to come. However, if a parent has to work because they have decided financially, emotionally, or for any other reason, then it is completely unnecessary to come up with any research. Then you have to try to get the most out of the situation.

If mom is ready for it…

It is customary to say that a child wants to mature into the community when the mother is mature. If the mother is anxious, nervous, and does not want her child to go to apostasy, she can be reluctant to expect it at this level. At this age, most children do not like big things. She loves being with her mother, loves the usual and safe situations. It is a peculiarity of the ages that it is harder to get in the habit of weaning than it is to kindergarten. However, if it also prepares the parent self making the change will make the journey much easier for the kid.

The role of caregivers

It is also a peculiarity of the age that children do not play with each other, but rather with each other, the period of co-operation and role play has not yet arrived at the age of 1-2. That's why the community is probably less, the parents and the caregiver has a bigger role to play it is a good thing if we can choose a caregiver. The child will be bound by it, his or her person will mean safety, and he or she will survive when he or she is anxious, if he has a harder day. If we have a choice of wisdom, we should choose the caring person besides the material conditions (maybe instead). It is best not to do it alone, but to watch the child, is there trust and sympathy between caregivers? At such a young age, a child will feel good in his or her wits if he or she is able to bond with someone, and that person will be caring. The smaller the child, the better it is to start a small group in society. If you are in our way, then do not start waking up fast 8-9 hours a day.It is good to take care in advance to discuss every detail: what is the habit in wilderness, how long does the familiarization period take, can the baby take the baby with them, is it possible to breastfeed the baby, what does the caregiver do, how the child responds, how much he / she responds to childhood aggression and how often they are taken out into the air. A lot of these choices can be eliminated by the parent in the protocol of the particular institution, the caring habits. Of course, slowly, gradually would happen: initially only for 1-2 hours, then until then, sleep would follow. It would be great if they could start small in a small group and it would be cool if they didn't start at the same time, but rather gradually. It would be very ideal if everything was tailored to the needs of the child: anyone who has 4 days to get enough time, who in turn needs two weeks of safe habits, would have that much opportunity. In general, it would be great if both wardrobes and workplaces helped with all the tools and patience needed to make the little ones smoother for the kids. If you are in our way, look for an institution that adapts the rules to the child's needs and not the other way around.


Probably the parents are at the very least, but more than a year before they start wisdom, they are clear about going back to work. Begin to tune in to the new situation and the child let's start preparing it rб. This is not easy from the age of age: for a grown-up it is difficult to explain anything about what is going to be half-full, but for another year, it is possible to have who somehow lighten the barriers. There are no general rules, it's best to own one our child for a living we tell him the chick. Do not start too early, such a small child did not pass very far in time, but we do not leave the matter at the last minute.Very much kids to take between prospective sneakers: playgrounds, playhouses, various kids' programs, getting together with kids of the same age, often meeting with cousins, etc. You have to get used to the noise caused by other children around you, the fact that there are other and new rules, and because of the company in general. mesйket, verses that discuss this topic. Maybe go for rocking or singing activities that are specifically for this age group. If you are breastfeeding, you should not remove it at all. On the one hand, it will be nice to have a kitty when she is with her mother, and on the other hand, the role of physical contact will probably be even stronger, precisely because of separation. Children are also very capable of adapting if they are forced to fall asleep in the presence of their mother in the presence of their mummy, and in their absence, by some other practice. So just because in the wits, the mother can't be there from the anesthetic, it's not worthwhile to stop breastfeeding. do not start urging the child: no stopping breastfeeding or, for example, room cleanliness. Pay attention to what you have done and what you have not, but let it change in the natural rate. The best way to do this is to return the baby to your grandmother a few months before you start waking up, so you can practice sleeping in another place, somewhere else. Here too, it is worth keeping some rhythm so that the security, the predictability, will develop, say once a week, on a given day, with the grandmother spending the day with her.

Attention, patience, baby bump

During this time it is extremely important that the time we spend with the child with great patience, do it with love. Babusgass, let's be careful with him. The importance of this is obvious only if the child is visibly endangered by his or her wits: skinny, stubborn, peeing again, aggressive. Do not try to relieve symptoms at this time. Understand that they are not yet able to express their senses gently, they need to let's help him this.Related articles:
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