Diabetes: Why is Infant Dangerous?

How can the number of people getting sick again and again be constantly vaccinated? Why are babies most at risk? What can we do, what are the current trends?

Diabetes: Why is Infant Dangerous?Who and why is the disease dangerous? What's "worse" with a better vaccine? The larynx, the sick Dr. Béres Zsuzsanna, On the Buda Oltуkцzpont oltуorvosa beszйl "The kйt diagnosztizбltak csecsemх, akiknйl szamбrkцhцgйst the kцzelmъltban a Budapest magбnklinikбn szьletettek Pбr day utбn both egйszsйgesen hagytбk the intйzmйnyt, but mъlva nйhбny hйt kerьltek ismйt kуrhбzba.." - read in the nemrйg ъjsбgokban.A szamбrkцhцgйs the vilбgszerte infant mortality can be responsible for a significant amount of heartburn. Over the past 10 years, vaccination has managed to halve global mortality due to illness: in 2016 it was "only" 89 thousand, but in 2008 it was an estimated 198 thousand lives, according to WHO data. The bacterium spreads through a drip infection, which means that the infected person is coughed up into the air and into objects by breathing. So we can get infected by staying in touch with the subject.

Unfortunately, this disease could not be overcome by the high-vaccine supervisor. Why?

The isolation of the cat stopped in 1906, the first vaccine helped fight the disease from 1940, and legally revised its application where it was used. Problems in the US have begun slowly for two decades, slightly less than ours. More and more infants have become ill and have also been found to be common in older age, with a dying cough caused by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis, which is a causative agent of catarrh.

What's' worse? Better vaccine?

Initially, the whole cell vaccine provided robust protection, but often undesirable side effects occurred. Serious research has begun that only vaccines that are significant in defense are available on the market for new vaccine, thus addressing previous concerns. " The side effect profile has been significantly improved, but in the short term it has been found that the vaccine defense diminishes rapidly (up to 42% per year after vaccination) and does not stop the carrier which are key elements in the spread of the disease. The development of immunmemory is much less characteristic of the established malady that "only" shows clinical signs, depending on how well the patient is concerned. it takes place in stairs, and the clinic is different kuma according to age and degree of protection. Even completely unvaccinated babies are at serious risk, can be lost to the disease and more frequent events. " latency is usually 7-10 days, but can be longer. The bacterium that causes congestion adheres to the cilia of the respiratory tract, producing various materials that prevent them from moving naturally. These shimmers usually have a significant protective role. Later, the entire mucous membrane of the respiratory tract is severely damaged as a result of the complicated interchange. The triggering irritations (increased cramping, goiter) are combined with shock, spasmodic, creepy seizures with extremely scary images hбtterйben "- says the oltуorvos.A betegsйg the йrintett szemйly shows rendkнvьl szнnes kйpet vйdettsйgi fokбtуl, йletkorбtуl fьggхen, which can be a csupбn бt szыnni not akarу, tцbb hйten tartу kнnzу kцhцgйs, but unvaccinated csecsemх esetйben akбr a vйgzetes lйgzйsleбllбs, tьdхgyulladбs also elхfordulhat .. Classically, seizures vйgйn szamбrordнtбsszerы due belйgzйs hallhatу the intenzнv erхlkцdйs szйlsхsйges cases Possible: agyvйrzйs, bordatцrйs, hбnyбs, bevйrzйsek pйldбul the eye sйrv Common szцvхdmйny the tьdхgyulladбs the betegsйg initial stage enyhйbb йs not elkьlцnнthetх egyйb megfбzбsos kуrkйpektхl, unfortunately.. The affected person is the most infectious. Typical mild seizures are the second stage. The disease can last for up to 6 weeks and can be treated with antibiotics. " are. Your tiny baby's body is exposed to extreme stress as you fight the bacterium. In one year of age, hospitalization is needed in half of the cases. In 6 months, a flare-up is not uncommon, "says the doctor. 85% of the adult Hungarian population may have tooth infection, that is, seronegative (even though you received more protection in childhood). It is possible that in many cases no diagnosis is made, and we do not know that it is infected by the bacterium Bordetella pertussis. Even with the natural transmission of the disease, only a few years of protection develop. Infants may be ill, however shocking they may be: almost 66% of them are affected.

How are they vaccinated against the disease at home?

2,3,4 and 18 days, then 6 and 11 years. The 11-year-old vaccine is only an exercise in 2009, the importance of which was highlighted by a lawsuit from Szombathely. It is important to know that, as the years have gone by, earlier acquired immunity is reduced at a rapid rate without vaccination. It is advisable to vaccinate at least every 10 years.

What international recommendations are there in practice to prevent similar cases?

  • For years, pregnant women have been trying to convince professionals of the importance of vaccination. Pregnancy 27-36. In the case of a vaccination given a week ago, the baby should not be the victim of the bacterium, as maternal antibodies guarantee protection until we can develop our own immunizations.
  • In the event of a new pregnancy, vaccination is again required and the former does not provide adequate protection.
  • Proper vaccination of grandmothers, dads, siblings, and health personnel would be paramount in protecting the baby.
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