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This is the sweetest tetris challenge so far

This is the sweetest tetris challenge so far

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Weeks have followed a challenge, #tetrischallenge, featuring different professions from funny, special points of view. The cutest team to date has just been introduced.

So far, this is the sweetest tetris challenge (photo: Esztergom Garden Garden Pillangou group)The essence of #tetrischallenge is that, similar to tetris games, participants are on the ground with nicely arranged tools that are specific to their work or that are used in the course of their work. They made a photo of it and shared it in the community.Already, many have presented their job and work, but now they have probably the most lucrative tetris challenge ever: Demjén Kata йs Gbspár Múnikaand the nanny, Szilvia Behбny has helped us to show which important tools they make up their "working weekdays," writes the "In our school, we are very keen to make the kids' day-to-day life more colorful and exciting. the kids were using their natural curiosity to encourage them to work as a team. The kids were very enthusiastic, and since we are a really open, joyful group, the chances are good for all of us, "