Make Friends With Your Dentist Family Fun Day in the Bank

Make Friends With Your Dentist Family Fun Day in the Bank

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Make Friends With Your Dentist Family Fun Day in the Bank

For the first time in Hungary, practitioners can meet their existing and prospective patients at the Dental Moments Exhibition. On the Free Family Funeral Day, November 28-29, everything will come from the mouth.

Canaria Dental has conducted a frustrating survey this year, confirming that oral hygiene culture in Hungary is currently at a very low level: many do not go to the dentist at all, and a significant part of the responses are over 40. The reasons are compounded, and the fear and the financial opportunities hinder regular medical visits, but the lack of information is also significant. To overcome all of this, and with dentists and patients in mind, Canaria Dental is hosting a free, family-friendly dental day and celebration.

What's wrong with dentists?

We go to the dentist once a year or even less frequently. CanariaDental has conducted a comprehensive dental survey. Look what came out! "The purpose of the event is for the community to learn about dental services and the latest services, and to establish direct relationships between physicians and patients. "Says Andrea Stern, Director of Canaria Dental. Dental Moments On Dental Family Day, the public can see dental, oral, lectures and workshops. In addition, there is a free counseling and management guide for those who visit the event. You can also buy dental products on the spot at a significant discount. Stages, stairs, music programs on the stage entertain the visitors. The hostess of the event is Szily Nurra.
Venue of the event: Bálna Budapest, 11 Fvvmm Street. Date: November 28-29, 2015
Admission to the event is free.
For up-to-date information on the event's Facebook page: //