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What should I do if my baby's belly goes?

What should I do if my baby's belly goes?

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In case of diarrhea, the most important thing is to recover lost fluids and minerals, and to avoid leaching.

Diarrhea can be caused by, among other things, bacterial or viral infections, but even with a weekly gastric upset and there is hardly any baby who has not had to miss a task at least once in his or her first year. A baby or toddler quickly, it can be flushed under even a few lows, much sooner than an adult, and if you have a shortage of blood in succession, you may not be able to regain the amount of fluid you have lost. If the child shows signs of discharge, he or she should consult a physician, and there will be a high need for hospitalization and infusion.

There are many reasons

What Is Diarrhea? If the child has at least three times a day faith and bulk. The average - odor of a stool - in average, smells like this - is usually unequivocal that something is wrong. Diarrhea can be caused by stomach upset, stomachs, bloating, hot flushes, fever, malaise, and even vomiting. It is important to find out what caused the diarrhea. There may be some infectious in the background, among the viral origin may be rotavirus and calicivirus, and those caused by the bacterium Salmonella are the most well known.
Microscopic size scars can also result in unpleasant symptoms. Diarrhea can also be a result of other illnesses, such as influenza, otitis media, or pneumonia. It can also be a sign of food allergy or intolerance, so that the body can, among other things, be aware of lactic-sensitization and hypersensitivity.
Antibiotic treatment can also trigger diarrhea, just like consuming too many fruits or fruits.

Do not suspend breastfeeding!

What can we do at home to prevent our child from drying out and avoiding hospital treatment? The most important thing is to replenish the lost fluid, ie to water the child. If you can, do not suspend breastfeeding, because babies still need breast milk!

Use rehydration!

Older children should be given more fluids - but smaller quantities at a time - and water and tea can be recommended. In pharmacies, you can get without a prescription rehydrating agentsthat help keep the body's ion balance in balance. According to today's standpoints, it is unnecessary to fast the baby and eat stomach food in small portions.
Household biscuits, brownies, boiled potatoes, rice, yarrow, apples and fats can be cooked without lean meat. The turnip helps to reduce sodium loss, while the banana is losing potassium (however, the latter should be treated with sufficient urine).

Get medical help!

If, despite all efforts, the child shows signs of discharge, seek medical help immediately. You should see a doctor if you have low blood pressure or severe pain, if your child has taken antibiotics before, if you are at risk of developing a diarrhea (such as diarrhea in the community), or if your child has some other serious illness.
How can we be absorbed when the light of our eyes begins to dry out? If you have little or no urine, tattered, weak, light-skinned, eyes fallen, ringed, your mouth flushed out, and your breath is acetone, you should not seek medical help immediately.First signs of dehydration
- more than 6 ounces of dry diaper
dry lips
- darker, more intense smelling urine
- fall, depression
- Lightweight, lightweightSigns of great trouble - Symptoms of extreme discharge
- underwear
- fallen fountain
- fallen eyes
- Cold, spotty hands and feetRelated articles in diarrhea:
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